Moncure makes the switch

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 9, 2004

JACKSON – Long-time Democrat and 16-year Northampton County Commissioner veteran Henry Moncure announced his intention to change his party affiliation recently, making it official just days before the October 8 voter registration deadline.

Moncure, who has been a Democrat his entire life, stated in an exclusive interview Thursday at the Northampton County Board of Elections Office that he was changing his party affiliation to Republican &uot;with mixed emotions and deep concerns.&uot;

In a statement he provided, Moncure offered this explanation. &uot;I am like my friend Sonny Boy Joyner; I was born a Democrat and have belonged to the party for 62 years. My father was a Democrat and my forefathers were democratic, back to Thomas Jefferson’s days.

&uot;Sonny Boy says he will die a Democrat, but this where Sonny Boy and I have to part ways. I cannot remain a member of the Northampton Democratic Party. The Black Caucus and the NAACP select their candidates, electioneer for them, tell the voter how to vote and get them elected.

&uot;However, it is not the NAACP and Black Caucus that causes concern, but rather the leadership and the philosophy that free-thinking people should vote their conscience and convictions.&uot;

He emphasized, &uot;This is not a healthy political situation for our country,&uot; and added by having a genuine two-party system there would be room for &uot;new ideas&uot; and &uot;competition&uot; where &uot;more people would come forth to be a candidate.&uot;

As a new member of the Republican Party, Moncure expressed his intention to encourage other citizens/voters to consider following his lead to change over and make for an active Republican Party in Northampton County.

&uot;I ask my friends, both black and white, to join me in this endeavor to change their political affiliation,&uot; he said.

Accusing the political process of being muddled down by politics he commented, &uot;The way the system works, to be elected you have to file in the Democrat Primary and be a member of this party which excludes Republicans from filing in the primary and prevents the citizens from voting for local candidates.

&uot;The local Republican Party doesn’t adhere to the practice of conducting regular precinct meetings or primaries.&uot;

Adding that there are 1,145 registered Republicans and 1,248 registered voters, to date, who are unaffiliated, he stated, &uot;During the last Primary Election in July, only 241 Republicans voted. All voters should get out and vote November 2nd.

&uot;It only takes 3,000 votes to win the election, so it could really make a difference in the outcome of the election if all registered voters of both the parties came out to vote.&uot;

Moncure is the retired President and CEO of Henry Moncure Motors Inc. He served as a Commissioner for Northampton County District 5 for 16 years some of which he served as Chairman and was recently defeated in his run for Northampton County School Board. He currently resides in Henrico.