Mother, son arrested in drug raid

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 30, 2004

WINDSOR – A mother and son have been arrested and charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver cocaine after a search warrant was issued at 108 Garrett St., Powellsville Friday.

According to Bertie County Sheriff Greg Atkins, residents in the neighborhood had filed several complaints about alleged drug activity at the residence of Margaret Smallwood, where her 26-year-old son also resided.

&uot;We sat up surveillance on the house earlier,&uot; stated Detective Sgt. Frank Timberlake of the Bertie County Narcotics Division. &uot;Once we obtained the search warrant, we served it Friday and at the time of our arrival, there were several people in the yard and in the house.

&uot;We were able to secure the premises without incident,&uot; he added.

Timberlake entered the home and reported finding Margaret Smallwood in a bathroom, holding a small child in her arms and flushing something down the toilet that he believed to be narcotics.

&uot;We immediately began retrieving the item,&uot; Timberlake said. &uot;With assistance from other officers on the scene and Aulander Police Chief Jimmy Barmer, we were able to disassemble the plumbing in the mobile home.

&uot;We recovered a plastic bag with nine items that appeared to be 20 dollar hits of crack cocaine,&uot; Timberlake stated.

The report also indicated that officers found what appeared to be another hit of crack cocaine in the house along with a small amount of what officers believed to be marijuana and approximately $500 in cash.

Sheriff Atkins said another $210 was taken from the person of Patrick Smallwood.

&uot;Because of the criminal histories of both suspects,&uot; they were each placed under a $30,000 cash bond.

Patrick Smallwood was also arrested on outstanding warrants from the Bertie County Probation Department.

Both suspects were charged with one count each of possession with intent to sell or deliver crack cocaine and one count each of maintaining a dwelling to store or sell a controlled substance.

&uot;We commend the citizens in the area for coming forward with the complaints,&uot; Sheriff Atkins said. &uot;In order for us to rid these neighborhoods of the drugs, we have to, first of all know about it, and secondly have enough evidence to make arrests.

&uot;With residents who live in these areas and see and hear things day in and day out, it is a big step in the right direction when they speak up and let us know they are tired of this type of behavior,&uot; he added.

&uot;I also want to thank Police Chief Barmer for his assistance in the arrest as well as the deputies and the members of the Narcotics Division,&uot; he added. &uot;It was a good team effort all parts from the surveillance right through the serving of the warrant and making the arrests.&uot;