Keep insanity away

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 16, 2004

This week, like every other in the past few months, has been another of nothing but negative news. From New Jersey, the Democratic Governor declared Thursday that he’s stepping down because he’s gay. He’s also married. That sickens me as I’m sure it does most of the good people of Gates County.

From South Carolina comes the news that they have joined the throng who are trying to strike the name of Jesus Christ from any public gathering. They’ve already done that just up the road in Chesapeake, Va. That insidious little law could snake its way down to Tarheel Territory if we are not willing to stand and be counted Faithful to the God who is gracious enough not to strike down these naysayers who insist we desist from calling upon the name of Jesus Christ.

Can you tell….? I’m mad again!

You know what…. I think they are just afraid because they don’t have a clue as to who Father God is any more than they know of His awesome power.

In another news report, I heard more on the battle to legalize abortion in this nation. I don’t know if we ever will see a ban on abortion, but I ask you to consider this; if it is against Federal law to break the egg of an American Bald Eagle, how is it that we can murder unborn babies? Yes, unborn babies – not fetuses, as the scientific community calls these pre-birth people.

I realize that some babies are born of rape and incest, however, they are not guilty of their conception and they do not deserve to die for being born. There are agencies and organizations and even individuals who assist victims in such situations. Think about this and make your own personal decision.

This week, I learned of another atrocity being committed against those of us who are true believers, true followers and worshipers of Jesus Christ. It now seems that some super intelligent brain washed lawyer is suing the city of San Francisco to have the city’s logo changed.

The symbol of the cross on that logo offends some and they are demanding that it be removed from the logo. Now, on July 4, 1823, the City of San Francisco came about as a result of the founding of &uot;Mission San Francisco.&uot; President Abraham Lincoln signed an Act in 1863, declaring that all of the 21 missions in the California mission chain, including Mission San Francisco, would become the property of the Catholic Church and have remained so since that time, and the city prospered around the mission, adopting their logo with the cross of the church on it.

Does any of this make sense to you? It’s the way the world is going and we seem powerless to stop it, but there is something you can do. First of all, register to vote. &uot;Voter Registration Sunday&uot; is coming up August 22, and I urge you to go to the voter registration office and meet your Director of the Gates County Board of Elections, Virginia Moore. She will be most gracious in assisting you in preparation for exercising your right to vote. Until you make that move, you should not complain about all the filth that’s threatening to ooze its way into Gates County, just as it has in quiet little townships across this nation. If you believe in this country and the Christian morals and beliefs upon which it was founded, you must register to make your voice heard. I urge you; call Ms. Moore at 357-1780 for more information on how simple it is to register to vote.

I’ve had so many phone calls this week – Emails and office visits, too. I am so grateful and humbled by those who took time from their day to let me know how they feel about the work I’ve been doing for you, my neighbors in Gates County. I was so pleased to hear that everyone who called or visited, Emailed or faxed me, is pleased with the contents of the Index.

I say that with deep sincerity because I had a friend and fellow journalist tell me after reading over our Index that I can’t be a Christian and a journalist at the same time. Well, by now I’m sure you know… them’s fightin’ words to me!

Now I know the press is viewed (and fairly accurately at that) of having a liberal bias, and it’s always for the negative news. There was a time, however, when it wasn’t so.

I can proudly proclaim that I was 17-years old when John Fitzgerald Kennedy sought the presidency and I remember such celebrations of his campaign. The press was kind to the Senator from Massachusetts and hardly a disparaging word was ever heard. Those were the days when we trusted our leaders and those in authority.

And, then we learned the truth. Dallas; Marilyn Monroe; Teddy Kennedy and Chappaquiddick; and then the Watergate.

By the 1980’s campaign, election news coverage had reached a point where most of it was negative. Since then, no major-party presidential nominee has received on balance more positive than negative news over the course of their campaign.

Part of this change can be attributed to the toxic effect of Vietnam and Watergate and the relationship between journalists and the politicians. Also, there was a change in the style of reporting the news. Now days, interpretive journalism thrusts the reporter into the role of analyst and judge. The journalist gives meaning to a news event by supplying the analytical context.

A journalist is thus positioned to shape the news in a way that the descriptive style did not allow, and many Americans are disillusioned and dissatisfied with politics and elections. With this comes the strong inclination to remain at home with a &uot;what difference will it make&uot; attitude about voting on Election Day.

As a journalist for the Gates County Index and the people of this county, I want to assure you that your vote is mightily important and that in no way will I ever report anything other than the truth and actual facts of every event, meeting, and board that I attend. I will also report on the candidates as they come to the Index, giving you all there is to learn about each of them. My goal is to help every eligible voter learn just who the candidates are; what they stand for and how strongly they do stand for their beliefs. You will have the facts as presented to me, or in some cases like I reported in the Suffolk News-Herald, the facts that I dig up will be given to you. I will not slant the news for any person, and I will not let any candidate slant it for us. Honesty, integrity and factual information will grace the pages of the Gates County Index.

Now, dear Reader, anyone who would like to contact me for rebuttal or agreement on anything I’ve mentioned here, or in other columns, should come by the office on Main Street, next to Gatesville Elementary School; or Email me at If you prefer to use &uot;snail mail,&uot; write to me at PO Box 146, Gatesville, 27938. The telephone is 357-0960, and Fax is 357-0973.