Barnes honored for outstanding service

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 8, 2004

MURFREESBORO – Tim Barnes, who has been site manager for Azalea Gardens Apartments since its construction in the early 90’s, had no idea that he would be the center of attention when he organized an appreciation day for his 34 residents.

Joined by his corporate colleagues and representatives from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Town of Murfreesboro, Barnes remained clueless as he fellowshipped with residents while they enjoyed a specially catered meal in their honor.

&uot;He has no idea that he has even been nominated to receive recognition as North Carolina Area VI Site Manager of the Year 2003 for Elderly Communities,&uot; said President and CEO of Evergreen Construction Company who developed the property.

The USDA award recognizes site managers for their dedicated and outstanding ability to create and maintain a positive and comfortable atmosphere for the residents of the complexes they manage and was presented to Barnes by Evergreen Vice President Tim Morgan at the conclusion of the meal.

&uot;After reviewing the nominations, we forwarded Tim’s name to our state office where a panel of state office personnel and representatives from other housing organizations selected an individual from three categories,&uot; said USDA representative Ginger Taylor, &uot;And we are pleased to present Tim with this award.&uot;

According to Taylor, Barnes was chosen from 15 counties serviced by the Williamston Area Office and over 20 other site managers from 65 properties in the state.

&uot;Tim has gone up and above his duty as a site manager,&uot; said Senior Property Manager Annette Curtis. &uot;He cares about the residents and has done too numerous of good for the residents for all to be mentioned.

&uot;I know the residents are very happy with his efforts because I have observed the way they act around him and it is obvious by the positive comments that they make to me when I visit.

&uot;He tries to do anything he can to assure that the property looks it’s very best, doing such things as planting flowers and painting the site sign here as well as other areas of the property. It is very well maintained and beautifully landscaped.&uot;

Curtis continued, &uot;He is also the most accurate and accountable for his record keeping performance than any other manager I have ever worked with and even though he cares for four other properties, he can answer any question at any time.

&uot;He does a very good job and I feel this award reflects that. He truly cares about the property and its residents and it shows,&uot; she said.

&uot;Tim has a lot of people to make happy between the residents, the state and the company itself and I think it’s great that he has been chosen to receive this award,&uot; said USDA representative Kim Price.

&uot;Tim has given this place a special touch and I would be proud, as I know the residents must be, to live here. It is extremely attractive and if I were a resident I would be proud to invite guests to see where I live.&uot;

Barnes was chosen to receive the award based on program compliance, curb appeal, tenant satisfaction and going above and beyond what is expected as a site manager.

&uot;Tim is good to have as a manager,&uot; said four-year resident Ann Cooper who won a free months rent in a drawing prepared by the apartment community. &uot;It’s a friendly, safe environment to be in. There are no downfalls to living here. I couldn’t ask for better. It’s really nice.&uot;

When asked to respond to the surprise of receiving the award, Barnes expressed his love for his job.

&uot;I really enjoy working here,&uot; he said. &uot;The elderly are some of the best, most easy to please tenants there are and the management above me is wonderful. If there is ever a question that I need an answer to they are able to, answer it for me or find out what I need to know. It’s really an honor,&uot; he said adding a word of thanks and appreciation to the residents and his co-workers for their support.

In addition to Azalea Gardens Apartments, Barnes manages Conway Village, Conway Park and Fox Ridge Apartments.