Northampton Election Results Unofficially Official

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 30, 2004

JACKSON – The results of the July 20 primary for Northampton County are unofficially official. Although the results from Tuesday’s canvassing have been recorded, they are still listed as &uot;unofficial&uot; with the North Carolina State Board of Elections until after the state holds its series of scheduled hearings in Raleigh on Monday to verify compliance with procedures, clarify the tallies and address any questions, concerns or legal issues surrounding the election.

As a result of the canvassing, Northampton County Board of Elections Director Tonya Pitts, stated that though the numbers have changed, the outcome of the candidates has stayed the same.

According to the NC State Board of Elections website, Democratic candidate Michael Wray had 2,874 votes while his Democratic opponent Richard Henderson had 2,882 votes.

Pitts explained that one of two possibilities that could occur. &uot;Since there is less than one percent of the vote dividing the two the candidates, Wray could choose to request a recount of the ballots or opt for a runoff,&uot; she said.

According to Pitts, in order to initiate a recount, Wray would have to submit a formal written request to the Northampton Board of Elections by 5 p.m. July 28. &uot;If Wray decides to request the recount, we will have to process all the ballots again,&uot; said Pitts,

&uot;However, if he should choose to request the runoff, there would actually be a second primary. If Wray chose to go in the direction of the runoff, he would have to submit a formal written request to the state Board of Elections in Raleigh by noon July 29.&uot;

Pitts stated that as of this time, there is no second primary scheduled. &uot;Even though Northampton County’s results have been released as official, the State Board of Elections will meet at 10 a.m. on Monday, August 2, to certify the results of the July 20 Primary Election (statewide) and to order any necessary recounts.&uot;

She continued adding, &uot;Please note that canvass is not complete until the results contained in the election abstracts (the official election result documentation) are complete and accurate. After the State Board’s decision, we will act accordingly.&uot;

Wray’s intentions regarding the submission of a request for a recount or runoff for State House District 27 are not yet known.