Murfreesboro Beautification Committee Gears up for Watermelon Festival

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 30, 2004

MURFREESBORO – Curb appeal. That was what members of the Murfreesboro Beautification Committee were concerned about when they asked the town council for help during a meeting here, Tuesday.

Requesting the assistance of the town’s maintenance department in preparation for the upcoming Watermelon Festival in an effort to &uot;get the town in shape&uot; before waves of people descend on the area to enjoy the annual event.

Committee member Elizabeth Phillips addressed the council sharing some of the group’s recent challenges and objectives in the weeks approaching the festival.

&uot;This past weekend, when we went to work on the Vann Daniel Garden, we were disappointed to see that rainwater had washed it out,&uot; she said visibly disheartened, &uot;so, the committee would like to ask the help of the maintenance department in the area of manpower to help build up a barrier to prevent future washouts.&uot;

According to Phillips, despite the recent set back in the garden, the committee has been making progress.

As of a July 19 meeting, the group reported having three tables donated for used in the garden along, mulch delivery and weed remediation.

&uot;William Hall has donated a table to the garden and has ordered two others,&uot; she said. &uot;He was also responsible for mulch delivery and Bryon Simmons is planning to spray for weeds.&uot;

The committee is planning to remove the corkscrew cypress and add zebra grass with new potting soil to the large urns in front of the town hall, add impatients to the small planters, place cuttings of portulaca at the base of the cherry tree in the courtyard and possibly add mulch to the flower beds and sign in front of the town hall to minimize weed growth and reduce the amount of damage caused by weed eaters.

&uot;We considered these things important,&uot; said Phillips, &uot;because the town hall is a symbol of our town.&uot;

The group also plans to replace the dead plants on the side of the building at the Murfreecenter with six new oak leaf hydrangeas and is in the process of discussing the possibility of getting a new flagpole in addition to brainstorming ideas of what to do about the mildew on the benches in areas the stain failed to protect them.

&uot;We really want the town to look its best,&uot; said Phillips.

Town Council member Wayne Brown offered his support for the committee’s efforts in maintaining the appearance of the town and offered to speak with Public Works/Maintenance Director Gene Byrd. &uot;I do see a need to clean up and get the town looking its best especially with the festival around the corner,&uot; he said. &uot;We’ll see what we can do.&uot;

Phillips also mentioned getting maintenance to assist in edging the sidewalks and painting the windows on the town hall for a cleaner look, but was told that it was unlikely the painting of the windows would be completed before the festival.

&uot;The windows are in the budget,&uot; said Town Administrator Molly Eubank, &uot;but I don’t think they will be finished by then.&uot;

The committee is scheduled to set up a tent in the garden during the Watermelon Festival offering free drinks to anyone who provides them with a donation toward their efforts.