Trio wanted in home invasion

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 12, 2004

WOODLAND – Two people have been arrested and three more suspects are on the run following an apparent home invasion here Saturday evening.

According to Woodland Police Chief Don Ryan, five men pulled into the driveway of Horace and Colette Robinson in the 400 block of West Main Street just before dark Saturday.

Colette Robinson, who was home alone at the time, told police she saw four of the men go around the back of her house and one go to the front porch. She said the individual in the front, sat down on the steps.

&uot;She went to the front door to see if the person was going to knock,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;And that’s when she heard the back door being kicked in.

Ryan said C. Robinson ran out of the house and went next door to the community building where some type of an event was taking place and there were several people around.

&uot;She was able to get someone there to call the Northampton County Sheriff Office,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;Another person attending the gathering was able to see the vehicle as it exited Mrs. Robinson’s driveway, followed it long enough to get a license plate number.&uot;

At that point, Chief Ryan had been notified and was headed toward the scene. Getting the license plate information over the air, he radioed the description of the vehicle over the air and the direction of travel, which was north on NC 35 toward Conway.

Within a few minutes, Conway Police Chief Billy Duke responded to Ryan, asking if the vehicle was a newer make.

Before Ryan could answer on the two-way, Duke radioed that the vehicle was being to flee.

&uot;The suspects were chased into Virginia at speeds of over 100 miles per hour,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;Duke radioed ahead for help from Southampton County officers, who responded and took over the chase just south of Franklin.&uot;

The vehicle, which had been rented, was later stopped and two suspects were apprehended. Three suspects eluded officers and are still on the loose.

&uot;We found out later, that during the chase, one of the suspects in the car apparently called the rental company and reported the car stolen,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;This was while they were being chased down the highway.&uot;

Authorities believe at least two weapons were used in the invasion, of which, one has been recovered.

&uot;There was an off-duty deputy in the area and saw a handgun on NC 35,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;The officer was aware of what was going on so he stayed with the weapon until I was able to get back.

&uot;I found the gun, hammer cocked and ready to fire, on the roadside. If it hadn’t been for the officer staying with it, a kid or anyone could have picked that gun up and most likely killed himself or herself or someone else,&uot; he said.

&uot;We found part of the clip and nine bullets in the same area. We think the second gun was also thrown out, but it has not been recovered,&uot; he added.

Ryan did ask that if anyone does come across a weapon to &uot;not pick it up,&uot; but rather telephone local law enforcement with the information.

The two suspects in custody are Ronald Derrick Thomas, 20, of 402 South High St., Franklin, Va.; and Marcus T. Daye, 19, of 1221 Sir Galahad Dr., Chesapeake, Va.

Both have been charged with felonious breaking and entering and second degree kidnapping and await extradition back to North Carolina.

Ryan said, at the time of this report, that very little information was available about the other three suspects.

&uot;At this time, the investigation is continuing and there are lots of unanswered questions,&uot; Ryan said. &uot;We hope to discover more as we probe further into the case.&uot;

Ryan would not comment on speculation of alleged drug traffic at this residence. &uot;We are considering any possibility as to a why this took place, but I do not have any information at this time that leads me to determine that reason,&uot; he concluded.