Second suspect arrested in BE case

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 30, 2004

JACKSON – A second suspect was arrested Thursday in conjunction with the March 14 breaking and entering of a 1993 Ford Escort parked on Menola Road just outside Woodland.

Twenty-year old Kevin Lammar Ray of Woodland was charged with injury to personal property and misdemeanor larceny for his alleged role in breaking and entering the vehicle and is believed to have been the accomplice of seventeen-year old Larry Q. Joyner Jr. of Rich Square who was arrested March 19.

According to Detective Brenda Burnette of Northampton County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects allegedly broke into the vehicle and stole over $500 worth of car stereo equipment, including an amplifier and crossover, some of which was later retrieved after an investigation revealed that the equipment had been sold.

Burnette commented that the individual who reported purchasing the items maintained no prior knowledge of them being stolen and has not been charged in the crime.

Ray, who was placed under $20,000 bail following his first appearance before a magistrate Thursday, has since been released from police custody after posting bond. Both Ray and Joyner were arrested as a result of an anonymous tip and are under probation while they await their respective probable cause hearings.