Change of season

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Well, it's finally Spring and in the past few days we've seen some reasonable temperatures from the weather.

Most of us can handle a rain shower or two and now we're looking forward to some warmer days. The grass is growing and people are finally beginning to show themselves outside once again.

My brother-in-law has already cut grass twice and there's nothing prettier than a freshly cut lawn.

With spring comes a rebirth – a renewal as well. It's a new season and it's time for new ideas.

The flowers are blooming and people are more cheerful. I think it's because they can finally get outside without fear of extremely bad weather.

My family and I were sitting around after Sunday dinner and talking about what I could write this week‘s column on. We talked about a few things and how those things affect different people, but we ultimately came back to the topic of spring. We reflected on how with spring there does indeed come a time to make some changes.

These changes can be made physically, structurally, spiritually and by other means. It's totally up to you how you make the necessary changes in your life. Most of us want to shed a few pounds during the summer because we can't hide "all that anymore. There's still a lot of us who use the spring to be conservative. That's when we decide that we want to get ourselves financially stable.

We're already into the first quarter of the year and now we decide we want to be financial stable.

We promise ourselves that now we'll start to save a few dollars and usually that's about all we save too. I guess some are just getting over Christmas so it takes some time to get the dollars back from that major spending spree.

There are others who start the projects around the house. The weather is now cooperating so you figure it's time for new construction, spring cleaning and all that stuff. I have a few yard projects myself so I can really understand that. The pear tree is already blooming and I'm hoping we won't have a big frost anytime soon.

With spring traditionally for me it's a time to reflect and a time to take a break. This year being no exception I decided it was time for me to take a well-deserved vacation. As you read this column, I will be traveling to the "Sunshine State" and sucking in some sunshine from another perspective. Maybe by the time I get back I'll have some new and fresh ideas to share or if not – I'll revamp the old ones.

I do know a little sunshine, some peace and quiet and a good book are a welcome treat and I'll going to take advantage of this opportunity to get away and get back to the basics.

A few late mornings in bed with room service is not a bad deal and if you haven't considered treating yourself to something like this – then think again.

No one should work for any extended period of time without taking a "well-deserved" vacation from the hustle and bustle of the workplace. You deserve it and should make it your busy to prepare for it.

You know when I was talking about being financial stable. That's your goal for next year. Starting today, designate a certain amount of money – $5, $10, $15 or even more that you can put away in the little jar in the bedroom. Do as I do at the end of the day empty all the coins you have in your purse or pocket into a jar. Try not to use them and add them up at the end of the year. You'd be surprised!

You may have to start with a weekend trip, but it will grow as time goes by and yes, you will by saying bye-bye to family and friends.

Enough about that. I'm sure you've heard enough and I'm packing as I write this column. See you next week!