Who’s watching you?

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 16, 2004

We can all relate to the fact that most people are different and we all share some qualities that are unique. I guess that's what makes us all special and that's what this world is all about.

I had the pleasure to go to mall over the weekend and because I don't walk it as much as I use to, I was leisurely sitting on one of the benches in the mall and just watching people pass by.

Have you ever just taken a moment to sit back and watch the things that are around you. Let me tell you it may be something you want to try because it's amazing what you will see.

First, the number of people who come to the mall to do nothing more than what I was doing was fascinating enough. There were several areas in the mall where people were just sitting and it was obvious that they hadn't done any shopping and it appeared that had none to do. Now, explain to me why would I leave the comfort of my home to come to a crowded mall and sit.

Then, you have those, I noticed just this weekend, who came to mall to read a book. Why? Of all the places in the world would I go to the mall to read book? Maybe they like a lot of noise around them or maybe it's something about reading in public. I don't know, but there's a lot of difference between reading a good book at the mall than maybe at the park. Your guess is as good as mine.

Another thing I observed at the mall was a large number of young children who were alone. There was not a parent in sight and they were just walking back and forth in the mall. It was apparent they were shopping because they had small purchases of which you could see, but the thing that bothered me so much was the fact that with all the information we read and hear on the news about young children being abducted , how in the world and why in the world would a parent allow there child to be there alone without any supervision – even an older sister or brother would be better than nothing. That's another why I would like the answer to.

Let's continue, another observation at the mall was the attire that people choose to wear. I guess it's everyone right to look anyway they want to, but can't some of these folk fix up a little better than they do? At least take a few minutes to comb your hair and tie those shoelaces. First impressions are something that

people need to consider and personally if I'll be glad will the "pants falling off your butt" style is gone. If you find yourself having to pull your pants up every 15 steps, then how can that be cool.

I was in the drug store waiting for a prescription a couple of months ago and a young man walked in with those pants almost to his knees. He proceeded to look at some items on a shelf and wouldn't you know it – the pants fell down. All I saw was skin and butt and yes, I brought out into one of the biggest laughs I could muster up because I wanted him to know that yes, someone show him.

You can't tell me that he looks that good and secondly, you can't tell me that wearing them like that is even comfortable. But I guess that's another why we'll have to work on.

I've said all of this to say this. I'm glad people are different and I'm glad I've had the pleasure to see some of them for exactly what they are. Now, I'm not na¨ve enough to think that someone

wasn't watching me at the mall too and saying to themselves some outside comments just like the ones I'm making. As far as they were concerned I could have been some homeless, broke, lonely, misfit of a woman waiting from something to happen too. You know, I guess you better play attention to the things around you. You may find someone is watching you too.