Hertford County High wins Quiz Bowl

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 9, 2004

AHOSKIE – The Albemarle Regional Library system held its Local Quiz Bowl 2004 here Saturday at the auditorium of Roanoke Chowan Community College.

The academic competition is sponsored by public libraries throughout the state of North Carolina with assistance from the Department of Cultural Resources and allows students to compete on local, district and state levels.

Students from Hertford, Northampton and Gates county schools battled against each other for the opportunity to play against other winning teams on the district level in Halifax.

Before the teams could compete on the local level, however, they had to win against contenders within their own county. The matches are composed of three rounds and pit one team against another in a process of dual elimination to determine the team that will continue in the competition.

Jackie Ward, coordinator of the event, welcomed the teams and thanked everyone for their part in making the event possible then yielded the stage to Hertford County Branch Manager and co-coordinator, Cindy Henderson to introduce the participants.

Breaking the ice were West Overman, Giffen Daughtridge, Thomas Cox and Aubrey Sharp from Ridgecroft and Andrew Martin, Josh Harrell, Hannah Cherry and Clay Thompson who made up team one from Hertford County High School (HCHS).

In the first round, the moderator must ask an individual team member to answer a 10-point question without the assistance of their team members. The individual must answer the question within five seconds.

Rounds two and three and tiebreakers questions are directed to all team members, allowing 10 seconds for consultation and response, 20 points for a correct answer in round two and 30 points for a correct response in round three.

Moderator for the event was professor of Language and Literature at Chowan College in Murfreesboro, Dr. Ken Wolfskill with Dean of Academic Affairs at Roanoke Chowan Community College Linda Alexander, Professor of Religion and Philosophy Dr. J. Brabban and Professor of Science and Math Dr. Garth Faile, both of Chowan College judging.

In the first face off HCHS won by 15 points with a score of 140 to 125 followed by a lose by HCHS team two players Courtney Price, David Shaw, Justin Freeman and Patrick Proctor in the second face off against the same panel of four from Ridgecroft with a score of 115 to 160.

The valiant efforts of Ridgecroft ultimately failed in the final face off between the two schools yielding a 210 to 85 landslide win by HCHS team players Proctor, Harrell, Martin and Thompson isolating them as the team to represent Hertford County in the local competition.

Fighting for the opportunity to represent Northampton County, Northampton County West and Northeast Academy came eagerly before the judges awaiting their borage of questions.

Representing Northampton County West in the first face off were teammates Phyllis Lockhart, Jarrell Mason, Titiana High and Jeremy Rera, while Brooks and Meagan Williford, Lance Jenkins and Brittany Watt represented Northeast Academy with the final face off exercised by players Matt Lassiter, Michael Hoggard, Meagan Williford and Jenkins of Northeast and Maria Dotti, Dorian Hardy, Rodney Mallory and Mason of Northampton County West.

In the first face off between the two schools, Northeast gave a good fight with 100 point score to West’s 140 points, but lost the final face off in a 120 to 55 score, 65 points under its opponent.

After determining the school that would represent each of the counties, timekeeper Betty Massie and scorekeepers Barbara Davis, Jackie Gatling Brenda Jones and Cheryl Kee prepared for the second phase of the event.

Competing against HCHS in the first part of the Local Bowl were Gates County High School (GCHS) students Jason Hollowell, C.J. Bagley, Charles Helms and Patrick Farrell.

The teams were scored at 20-10 at the close of round one with a 20-point difference in round two in favor of HCHS.

Finishing strong with an 80-point lead HCHS scored 130 points making them the team to compete against Northampton County West in the final vie for the chance to compete at the district level.

As questions were posed to both sides in the final face off between Northampton County West and HCHS, students racked their brains and feverishly consulted in hopes of scoring enough points to achieve the winning title.

Tied at the first round with a 20-20 score, West students Dotti, Mason, Mallory and Rera slowly lost ground to HCHS scoring 30-60 in round two and eventually succumbing to the victors in a 60-135 score making HCHS the team to proceed in District Quiz Bowl in Halifax.

The students displayed good sportsmanship as they congratulated each other on their efforts.

Ward and Henderson presented plaques provided by the Rotary Club to HCHS and Northampton County West students. Cash awards were presented to the teams for use in the school library media centers and/or to further Quiz Bowl needs. Cash awards presented as follows: HCHS-$200, Northampton County West-$150 and Gates, Northeast and Ridgecroft $75 each.

Cash prizes were made possible by donations from Ahoskie Car Care, Central Ford, North Carolina Community Foundation, Nucor Steel, Inc., Swain’s Tile and Floor Covering, Wal-Mart and Walter’s Grill.

Special thanks were expressed to all those who participated to make this event a success.