Know the issues

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 2, 2004

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk in the past few weeks from a long list of politicians who want to become our president.

I’ve written several columns on accountability of our political candidates and I’m hoping that somebody will do just what they said this time. Let’s see what’s going to happen.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of those &uot;I’m going do this&uot; and &uot;I’m going to do that&uot; people who don’t do anything but line their pockets with their little paychecks and talk a sweet talk.

We have so many issues going on around this county and country and these issues need to be addressed immediately. We are sending aide to every foreign country in the world and people right next to us don’t have food to eat and clothing to wear.

The politicians talk about &uot;budgets&uot; and raising taxes and holding back on funding, and these things happen with every administration. One administration leaves the other in a so-called &uot;budget deficient&uot; and it’s up to them to make up the monies somehow and therefore, programs are cut and people are denied services because the money is just not there.

Well, if the politicians would deny themselves a raise one year they could probably come up with a few funds that may be used to keep a worthwhile program that helps the elderly, disabled or children alive.

Let’s be realistic people, these things happen. People are denied services that need them everyday. You always have to fit in this category or that category. You have to be below the poverty level. The &uot;poverty level&uot; in my opinion is having to decide whether to eat or buy medicine. The poverty level is going without heat because you can’t afford it. That should not be a choice in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. People should not have to decide on an issue like that and it’s happening all around us.

Whatever happened to the talk about services for the elderly? Whatever happened to the prescription program that was talked about? Whatever happened to the healthcare programs for children and adults who could not afford it? These are the issues I want our state and national candidates to address and find out what is happening with.

Locally, I want people to be treated fairly and with respect. I want our political figures to address the needs of the total community. There are needs right here too. We have homeless and hungry people and just because they don’t take the time to sit in the meeting from one month to the next, it does not mean it doesn’t exist.

We have drugs here. It’s time to get some of that &uot;junk&uot; off the streets and try to clean up what’s going on around the county. Crime is everywhere and we know this.

People need to start committing themselves to being a part of the system and not just watching it pass them by. You need to attend your school board meetings and commissioners meetings. You need to make an attempt to find out what’s being done with your tax dollars and then you can better hold those spending them accountable for what they are spending them for.

Last, but not least we need to be our own person. Don’t let the influences of some determine whom you support or vote for. There is no person in this county or any other county who is so influential that they can tell me who I need to vote for. I am and so are you intellectual enough to make that decision on your own. The so-called &uot;John Does&uot; out there telling you who to vote for is a thing of the past. Get a life and stand on your own two feet. It’s your decision. But remember to vote.