Memories of Christmas

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 15, 2003

It’s here. Well, you might as well say it is. Can you believe in a week it will be Christmas and all the hoop-la will be over?

This month has just seemed to slip right by and before you know it, the kids will be getting out of school for summer break.

This time of the year is always special though. There is a renewed spirit of sorts and people are more helpful and generous during this time of year. Even though statistics show that the number of people suffering from depression increases, there is generally a good spirit with the holiday.

Each of us can remember, I hope when we were children and how special this time was. It wasn’t so much the toys or maybe it was, but for whatever reason, we all seemed happier and more joyful.

I distinctly remember the family setting and how Christmas was all about family and how you played together, ate together and things just seemed to be a little better than they are now.

There’s something to be said about the good old days and how much easier things appeared to be. When I was a child getting any toy was a treat. I’ve never been much on dolls, so I always asked for musical instruments, bicycles and stuff like that. I can only remember asking for a doll one time in my childhood and I got one of those tall dolls that was as tall as you and you could kind of guide them along to walk with you.

Now, our kids are bombarded each year with a long list of electronic games and do-watts and heavens knows what else. Some of these things the kids are asking for, I have never heard of and I’m sure some of the parents haven’t heard of it either. But, we know, no matter how much it costs these parents will find their way to the nearest toy store to pay whatever price has been decided for the new year.

It’s amazing to me how much some of this stuff costs and I wonder if it’s really worth the money. I can remember kids unwrapping gifts only to play with the box the gift came in. I can remember the days of the talking doll and the stuffed animals and how big a thing they were.

Each year, the toy industry designed a new toy just for the enjoyment, they say, of kids and now our kids are seen face down into a game that can only teach you finger movement because there’s no knowledge being exerted through the game.

As you can see, I’m not real big on the electronic/video game thing. I think our kids spend too much time playing these games and not enough time reading books and enjoying some wholesome entertainment. I remember the board games of old and how much fun I had as a child. There was nothing better than Monopoly, Life, Trouble, Scramble, Operation and even Mr. Potato Head. Things have indeed changed and I can’t say that it’s all been for the good.

With everything that has happened in the country in the few years and with a war waging, maybe it’s time we went back to some of those good old traditions that our moms and dads use to enjoy. We’re not reliving the past with that, but instead, we are giving our families a look at what good values and wholesome entertainment is all about.

With that in mind, remember the holiday season and Merry Christmas to one and all!