Husband, wife jailed on drug charges

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 10, 2003

WINDSOR – A husband and wife are behind bars and the couple’s children are in the custody of family members following a drug raid here Monday night at 106 Watson Lane.

Roanoke-Chowan Narcotics Task Force (RCNTF) Commander Frank Timberlake reported that Steven Wilson Watson Jr., 28, and his wife, 27-year-old Zandra C. Watson, were incarcerated in the Bertie-Martin Regional Jail under a combined $150,000 cash bond. Both were charged with possession with intent to sale and deliver crack cocaine and marijuana as well as maintaining a dwelling as a place to keep controlled substances.

Mr. Watson, whose bond was set at $100,000 cash, faces an additional charge of trafficking in cocaine by possession.

RCNTF agents Kenny Gilliam and Thomas Lewis headed-up the investigation of alleged drug sales by the Watsons.

&uot;We had received information from a concerned citizen who told us that there was a large amount of what appeared to be drug activity at 106 Watson Lane,&uot; said Timberlake. &uot;The agents set-up surveillance on the residence and gained information to concur that supplied by the concerned citizen. A search warrant was obtained and executed at approximately 9 p.m. on Dec. 8.&uot;

Upon serving the warrant and entering the residence, RCNTF agents noted the presence of the Watsons, their children and other family members. A search of Mr. Watson revealed what Timberlake referred to as, &uot;a pill bottle.&uot; That bottle contained over six grams of crack cocaine.

&uot;Those drugs were packaged in a variety of ways, including $10 hits, $20 hits and one-gram blocks,&uot; Timberlake reported.

The agents then moved to the couple’s bedroom where 16 grams of marijuana were located plus another small &uot;nickel bag&uot; of pot. Also discovered in the bedroom were two weapons – a semi-automatic .380 Bersa pistol and a fully loaded Mossburg 12-guage shotgun that had been modified with an extended magazine and pistol grip. A set of digital scales was also located in the bedroom.

A search of the bathroom turned up an ounce of crack cocaine.

Cash money – totaling $3,200 – was found in the bedroom and on Mr. Watson.

&uot;The Bertie County Sheriff’s Office and the Task Force worked hard to put this case together from where these two individuals were taken out of the drug loop,&uot; stated Timberlake.

While Timberlake was delighted that the combined efforts of local law enforcement came together to help rid the area of illegal drugs, he was saddened by the fact that innocent children were subject to the environment in which they were forced to live.

&uot;It’s a shame that these young children were caught in the middle of all of this,&uot; he said. &uot;It’s very unfortunate that people who apparently choose to sale illegal drugs do it around young children. Kids look to their parents as role models, but good examples of how to live an honest life were not noted in this particular case.&uot;

Timberlake closed by saying, &uot;We will continue to act upon complaints from citizens. They are our biggest allies in our continuing war on drugs. They help law enforcement clean-up their neighborhoods and we will continue to work hard for these law-abiding citizens.&uot;