Murfreesboro seeks SOC for housing project

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 8, 2003

MURFREESBORO – Before the town could make the affordable housing project it had partnered with the Quality of Life Association of Hertford County to construct a reality, the Town of Murfreesboro received a notice from the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DNER) that the town had ‘tapped out’ its available sewer resources, thus stalling the construction of the Howard Hunter Villas Subdivision.

Evidence of the town’s commitment to provide affordable housing for citizens of the community is displayed in its sponsorship of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the Division of Community Assistance (DCA), which was responsible for giving the town notice of the grant it would be receiving for its dedication towards the completion of the development.

As a result of the recent sewer moratorium prohibiting additional sewer hook-ups, the town is unable to completely honor its prior commitments to the agency.

Although the town is in the process of taking actions to have the moratorium removed through possible land acquisition for new lagoons and spray fields, inquiring of expertise from engineers and seeking necessary funding, it has resolved at the proper time to seek a special order of consent (SOC) from the NC Environmental Management Commission. That decision would allow for some development, including QUOLA, until the town is able to settle its wastewater issues and is relieved by DNER in having the moratorium removed.

In lieu of the dilemma, members of Murfreesboro’s Town Council approved a resolution at its regular meeting, November 25, authorizing Robert Graham of Boney & Associates and other appropriate town officials to actively seek the SOC which would allow the town to proceed with development and affordable housing for new sewer hook-ups.

Town Administrator Molly Eubank noted that the goal of the town and its officials is to ensure the best interest of the citizens is advanced. The town continues to work with the attorney and engineers in resolving these issues.