Time to bring the troops home

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 10, 2003

Tuesday marked the official observance of Veterans’ Day across the nation. I can’t think of a more fitting time to pay tribute to the men and women who defend this country than on Veteran’s Day. I also want to be quick to point out that my tribute is not limited to this one day a year but my tribute is to all the men and women who have fought and continue to fight on a daily basis.

We all must admit that we take our freedom for granted because we’ve always had it. We don’t have to worry about being watched from one place to other and not allowed to speak what we think. Our country gives us this right everyday and we often don’t realize just how blessed we are. Freedom is something we’ve had and continue to have and we are a truly blessed people.

At this place in time it’s even more fitting to pay tribute. Just in the past week and a half we have seen troops die in Iraq in two helicopter incidences. More troops have died since the official end of the conflict then occurred during the whole war and yes, we do have to ask when will this stop.

Personally, I want to know when will we see that these countries are not entirely grateful for the things we do and how we are trying to give them democracy. Families have lost their sons and daughters over the past year and you have to wonder if their deaths were not senseless. We hear every single day about troops being lost in seek attacks and ambushes and with missiles and grenades. Families are sitting at home wondering whether someone will be knocking on their door or ringing the doorbell to tell them their son or daughter has been killed. These people are killing our young men and women and they don’t care about democracy.

It’s easy for the powers that be to sit back and say we are rebuilding a nation, but I wonder if these nations really want to be rebuilt. They cheer in the streets when our women and men are killed. They laugh and raise their hands in victory when they hear of an ambush. They have people who are willing to die so they can walk up to our heroes and take their life in suicide bombings.

America has always been the rescuer of every nation. We have always come to everyone’s aide to help and set the record straight, but personally I think it’s time we start bringing our soldiers home. We have made every effort to assist with the unfair treatment of people. We have secured their stability and now I think we as the old song says should &uot;bring the boys home and bring them back alive&uot;.

War is a touchy subject for many. There are those who believe we need to defend and others who don’t see the sense in defending those who either don’t deserve it or want it. Well, there are two sides to every story and everyone has an opinion. It is awakening though to think that we are giving so much and getting no respect. Our soldiers are being treated like strangers and they don’t want us there. Yes, there are some who believe as we do but their voices are not quit as loud as the others.

There may be several solutions to this problem, but I say it’s time to bring to troops home. Enough lives have been lost already. Maybe its time those people handled their own problems and we’ll take care of our own.