Life goes on in Seaboard

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 27, 2003

SEABOARD – Northampton County deputies have been taking turns filling in the gaps after the arrest of former Seaboard Police Chief Craig Clapp for his involvement in drug related crimes.

Clapp, who was indicted on five counts including conspiracy to distribute cocaine and crack cocaine, two counts of money extortion induced under color of official right and two counts of making false declarations before a federal grand jury, appeared before Judge William A. Webb on October 1 before being released under &uot;special conditions&uot; into the custody of Nikki B. Clapp for home incarceration.

The town, which was left to pick up the pieces following the arrest, has received only three applicants for the vacant position.

Town Clerk C.L. Cleton stated, &uot;We have received three submissions for the job of the Chief, one from Lewsiton, one from Roanoke Rapids and one from Durham.&uot;

He continued, &uot;The deputies from Jackson have been rotating shifts to cover the slot and, to my knowledge, will continue to do so until a selection is made as to who will be the new Chief.

&uot;The town is not in a rush to find someone.

They want to take their time and research the candidates as thoroughly as possible before making their final selection.&uot;

Discussion of the issue will more than likely take place during the next town meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2.

The town continues to accept applicants; so far no decisions have been made.