M’boro awards debris removal contract

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 15, 2003

MURFREESBORO – The contract for debris removal was awarded Tuesday at the Murfreesboro Town Council meeting to Meyers Anderson, a subsidiary of Tar Heel L.L.P.

The town had also been considering bids the week prior and investigated aspects of different contractors’ proposals before arriving at their final decision.

In an effort to lessen the stress on the area, the town had already begun removing some of the debris last week

After speaking with FEMA representative, Glen Hitchcock, at the start of the week, Town Administrator Molly Eubank reviewed proposals from two outside contractors to determine which of them would prove to be most suitable for the town’s needs as well as cost effective.

Prior to the award of contract Meyers Anderson provided the town with references, letters of credit and proof of insurance through Liberty Mutual. All paperwork provided was verified and determined to be satisfactory.

Eubank expressed confidence in speaking with the contractor’s references, among which were a Town Manager and Public Works Director, noting that they had prior experience working with FEMA on a previous disaster relief contract.

Mayor Ben McLean has prepared a memorandum for the secretary and the Board of Directors to sign to expedite the contract, which will allow Meyers Anderson 72 hours to gather their equipment and begin their work.

An official from FEMA will be on site to monitor the debris removal along with a designated official from the town to ensure authenticity of numbers throughout the process.

According to Public Works Director Gene Byrd, the amount of debris will be pre-measured by the load by both the town and FEMA before it is delivered to the site of disposal where a representative will estimate the percentage of debris in relation to the total capacity of the truck. The rate for debris removal has been set at

$7.20 per cubic yard. The projected overall amount of storm debris is yet unknown, but town officials are in the process of solidifying details to secure a removal schedule, which will likely be available in Saturday’s edition.

Eubank stated that FEMA would be reimbursing the town for 75 percent of its cost in debris removal, while the state would pick up the remaining 25 percent.

&uot;I don’t think we would be receiving this much of a reimbursement for our efforts were it not for the town filling out the paperwork necessary to receive it,&uot; said Eubank.

She also mentioned that FEMA had recently approved ‘dam and street repair’ assistance, but requests for bids have not yet been made, as engineering and other aspects of the assistance need to be discussed.

Additionally, residents need to be aware that they are ultimately responsible for placing any debris needing to be removed at the edge of their property, since FEMA will not grant authorization for contractors to &uot;set foot on a residents property.&uot;

Eubanks expressed concern for the Halloween holiday in relation to the existence of debris stating that it might be in the best interest of the children participating in the holiday to have a scheduled time in which to go door to door.

Motion was made to establish ‘trick or treating’ hours from between 4 and 6 p.m. on October 31.

Murfreesboro Police Chief Darrell Rowe suggested that signs be place throughout the town to indicate trick or treating hours, which was followed up by Eubank’s suggestion that flyers be passed out in schools. Rowe stated that perhaps his department could post notices as well. The motion was carried and all members were in agreement.

Other events and action covered in the Murfreesboro Town Council meeting Tuesday included:

Approval for the town to hang Christmas lights on utility poles on Main Street.

Authorization for the Town Administrator to gather information to be used in establishing a Public Hearing to discuss special events permit submitted by the Garden Club for the Christmas parade they would like to have on December 6 at 10 a.m.

Approval of motion to allow Gene Byrd to proceed with drainage repair on Lakeview Drive as well as allowing the town attorney, Bob Lee, prepare the easements necessary to give the town authority to perform the work.

Water Tower Maintenance on Beer Garden Rd. scheduled to begin Wednesday, October 15. Residents mildly affected by low water pressure for approximately 30 days, per Mr. Byrd.

Lynn Johnson also presented development ideas from 4ENC’s recent meeting in Edenton in regard to possibilities for the town of Murfreesboro.

Motion to move council meetings to the evening failed in a three to two vote.

Recognition of the Town of Murfreesboro by NCLM Risk Management in the September issue of Southern City as &uot;having reported all claims within a five day period, thus assuring prompt attention to and faster resolution of workers’ compensation claims&uot; in the wake of Hurricane Isabel.