Lowes increases workforce

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 10, 2003

GARYSBURG – When corporate officials of Lowes Home Improvement decided to construct a distribution center in Northampton County, the company anticipated employing between 600 and 800 associates from surrounding areas.

Now, with increasing demand for services and goods along with the construction of several new retail facilities, the Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in Garysburg, is expanding its 2004 payroll to include 100 more qualified applicants.

Starting with approximately 300 employees, the 1.4 million square foot facility shipped out its first delivery in February.

The company, which invested 90 million in planning and construction, is the largest RDC facility in the Lowes distribution network.

Spokeswoman for Lowes corporate division, Jennifer Stanbury, stated that the RDC currently ships about 1million cartons of product to 57 retail stores in the Southeast.

With 130 retail stores marked for completion by the end of the fiscal year for 2003 in addition to 140 more retail stores planned for fiscal year 2004, the RDC will be distributing to a total of 116 retail stores in the East coast region as of next year.

According to Northampton County Director of Economic Development Gary Brown, &uot;From the perspective of job creation and investment, Lowes has been a very welcomed shot in the arm for the economy.

Brown continued, &uot;I believe that the facility is here because of its commitment to doing what it takes for investment, job creation and economic development.

&uot;Like any other manufacturing company, Lowes has requirements driven by economic demand and necessity.

They encourage their employees to have good communication and math skills and offer hands on training to ensure the company’s quality of goods and productivity.

&uot;Employees are valued, both individually as well as collectively, and carefully invested through expanded training and education. By raising the standard across the board, the company facilitates a symbiotic environment for success.

It continues a trend demonstrating that Northeast North Carolina is a great place to do business,&uot; said Brown.

With a facility that can process more than 30,000 different home improvement items, equipped with 8.4 miles of fully automated conveyor belts and still more room for growth, Roanoke-Chowan citizens have a great opportunity to grow with them.

For application information, contact your local Employment Security Commission.