Wash your own ‘dirty laundry’

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 8, 2003

I was sitting around listening to a radio talk show the other day and a caller was trying to get some advice on a &uot;love&uot; problem he was having. Of course, the radio station had an expert on the line waiting to hear the calls from listeners.

As I sat there and listened to the host really &uot;dog&uot; this fellow, I wondered why would anybody in their right mind would call a radio program to air their love problems. I also wondered why this guy just listened as they took his problem, of which he thought was a big one, and belittled it to death and he just laughed a little and accepted what they had to say.

After I listened to several more calls and these were real folks with real situations in their lives, I decided that folk need to keep their business and problems to themselves and try to work them out themselves.

Most of the problems I heard that day only took a little common sense to figure out. If you’re being abused – either physically or emotionally – then it’s time to drop the man or woman and move on. How much common sense does it take to make a decision that will positively change your life?

If you feel you’re being cheated on then the answer is to find out what’s happening. Ask your spouse. Put them on the spot and work on your own problems without the help of radio or talk show experts. You are the one with the problem and it’s up to you to make an attempt to solve it for yourself.

After thinking about those folks and the situation for a while, my mind drifted to the television talk shows and of course, all the court shows that have taken over the television sets these days.

Where do they find some of these folks? I know you have been thinking the same thing. The people that appear on television customarily have so many issues in their past that the problem they are there for is second to the other story that can come out.

Think about some of those folks who have appeared on talk shows and how they find it extremely easy to air their &uot;dirty laundry&uot; all across the nation. A stepbrother and sister dating. A mother dates her daughter’s old boyfriend. Two women dating the same man and satisfied with that arrangement.

Of course, you have numerous shows where paternity is being determined and the real deal is if these young women hadn’t slept with so many men, there would be no question about who the father is.

Apparently, I am having a bad day or maybe it is a good day because with the discussion about radio talk show and talk about the television talk shows, I grew more and more disgusted about what this world is coming too.

People can’t even work out their own problems. They find it more exciting I guess to bring it to the radio or television audience and let them decide what’s happening.

You know it’s really a little bit funny. Some of these folks on the radio are just idiots and we won’t talk about some of the characters we see on the talk shows on television. I always wondered how people so stupid could get so old and still not learned one thing about human character. They curse and raise sand on those television programs and you wonder why they are even here.

Well, I guess I’ve fussed enough on this topic for one day, but let’s be serious. It’s interesting. Most of the people who think they have a problem are only suffering from a pity anxiety. They want someone else to pity them for the moment. Well, that’s too bad. I’m not in for a &uot;pity party&uot; and you’ll have to figure out the solution to the problem on your own. Good luck. My next pet peeve is reality shows. Do you realize that the top five out of 10 watched shows in the nation are reality shows? What is going on here? You have Fear Factor, Survivors, Bachelor and Bachelorette, Guy Meets Guy, Big Brother and not to mention all the stardom shows like American Idol, Star Search and whatever else the industry can come up with for us to watch. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe it’s not worth watching television much anymore. We’ll talk about that later.