School is for learning

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 18, 2003

It’s time again for another column and I’m stuck with trying to come up with a subject that will not only keep the readers attention, but that will be interesting to read.

Every week, I try to come up with something special and every other week, I try my hardest to make it worth reading. I don’t really know whether it’s interesting or not until someone comes up to me and mention what I wrote about.

Schools have been in for a week

now and of course the students are busy at work trying to fight the weeks and months until their next summer vacation.

I remember my first days back to school. The first day is always exciting because you want to get back and talk to friends you haven’t seen in months. You have to tell them about your vacation – what you did whom you saw and how much money you earned. Sometimes you went back and you hadn’t earned any money, but you still had a new outfit to wear the first day.

The first day of school was always a good one because you didn’t go but half a day. Now, the students have to go all day and I guess that’s the best idea seeing as though a lot of students didn’t come that half-day anyway.

Schools have changed so much. The teachers were different, the classes are different and the kids were different in my day. Today’s children are a little too &uot;fresh mouth&uot; for me.

I know you’ve heard me say this before, but let’s be realistic, listen to them and you may have to agree with me. Kids today don’t have the respect for their teachers we had when I was a student.

Too many of these young kids come to school with the attitude &uot;somebody owes me something&uot;. Too many of the kids today are missing something at home and therefore, when they come to school their attitudes show that. There is too much back talk and not enough learning going on.

I remember when I was younger, you were not allowed to address your elders by their first name. You had to always refer to them as Miss or Mr. Now, kids call you by your first name and by a few other names you would prefer not to be called.

Young people need to get back to some of the old values our mothers and fathers grew up with. These teens – instead of being concerned about what designer fashion is in and what their friends are doing, should be concerned about the type of adults they will become.

Too many young people grow up with negative attitudes and become negative individuals with no purpose in life besides existing . They

need to learn responsibility, respect and they should want something more out of life than you have right now.

A person, who never dreams, never has anything more than they have right now. A person, who never dreams, never can be anything more than they are right now. Dreams can become reality, but it’s up to the individual to make these things happen.

Too many parents give up on their children and don’t take the time they need to take with them. You can’t let children raise themselves.

You can’t let children teach themselves the different between right and wrong.

Children imitate what they see. Your child is no better than you are. Teach your children how to be responsible human beings and some day you will be glad you did. Even the best of children can go wrong, but it’s real important they know the difference.