Ready to write a book

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 11, 2003

Another month has just slipped right away from us and again you have to wonder what happen to all the time.

I personally am sitting around trying to figure out what happen to the first seven months of the year and why I have somehow managed not to do the things I had planned and definitely haven’t saved a dime towards that cruise I want to take in the fall.

We all find ourselves in this type of predicament every once and a while and wonder how we managed to find ourselves hopelessly lost. I guess that’s what happened to me, but now I’m finally catching up and even getting a chance to do a little reading.

I’ve read a couple of good books in the past few months and looking for something right now to occupy that time when I’m just sitting around. There’s really not much on television these days, so you need a good book or magazine or a whole lot of work to do – and frankly I’d rather have the book.

Now, I’m not an Oprah Book Club reader because personally the books she has chosen have not interested me. I wonder if people are really reading them, first, and second are they reading them because they enjoy them or because Oprah says they &uot;should&uot; enjoy them.

For whatever reason, I can pick out my own books and I don’t need the endorsement of a celebrity to help me find some good reading materials. Just how hard can it be anyway? You know what you like and the choice is yours.

You know I’m starting on my second book. I haven’t completed the first one yet – a murder mystery, but now it’s time for me to do some reflections and share some of my most recent thoughts with people. I thought it was time to put in writing some of the many experiences I have been through – not only in the past few years – but some of the old stuff too.

When I looked back at where I had been and some of the people I have talked with over the years, I thought it deserved a few written notes – if for no other reason than to share with the family and friends. I’ve met some interesting characters over the years and some of these people have had a lot to say – things that may well worth reading.

I’m not looking to be a Pulitzer Prize winner, but I’ll be a &uot;Me&uot; winner and it will give me a chance to share. It’s good therapy they say and all of us can use a little therapy every now and then. If you don’t think so… then you really need some therapy.

Okay, let me get busy. You know it takes a little time to get your thoughts together and finding the right place is even more important. I’m looking for the peace and quiet and a couple of hours of tranquillity to start off with.

The beginning is the hardest part. You have all these thoughts and they won’t come together as you had planned. I got some serious work to do now and I don’t really know how long it will take, but whatever it takes, I’ll start this one just like the other and when it’s finish – it’s finish.

Maybe one day folks will go to the bookstore to buy one of my books. We’ll just have to wait and se.