Service honors murder victims

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 10, 2003

AHOSKIE – Their maker may have called them home too early in life, but those left behind still fondly remember Tyrelle De’Shun Overton and his cousin, Ervin Demeturis Taylor.

The memories of both young men, each tragically murdered in separate cases over a span of less than one year, will be honored at 5 p.m. here Sunday during a service planned for the Hertford County High School gym. The public is invited to attend.

&uot;A death in the family is a hard thing to get over, but when you lose two young men in less than one year, it is especially hard,&uot; said Adel Warren, an aunt to both Overton and Taylor. &uot;Tyrelle and Ervin were taken from us way too soon, but we can remember the good times we shared with each of them. We would love to have your love and support in this memorable event.&uot;

Overton was gunned down on July 13, 2002 in broad daylight in the parking lot of an Ahoskie restaurant. He was traveling, alone, in his mother’s van when another young man exited a vehicle stopped at the traffic signal located at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Catherine Creek Road and entered Overton’s van. A short distance later, Overton pulled into the parking lot of Golden Corral where, after exiting the van and running for help, he was shot and killed. The two men responsible for his death have been arrested and are awaiting trial.

&uot;Tyrelle was taken from us too soon because the young man (who shot him) thought he was someone else,&uot; said Warren.

Taylor was home for the 2003 graduation exercises at Hertford County High School on June 7. While visiting at home, Warren said that Taylor, &uot;went out with the boys to have a little fun before he went back home (Raleigh) the next day.&uot;

In the early morning hours of June 7, Taylor’s life was ended when he was shot and killed in the parking lot of the VIP Club in Ahoskie. Apparently, Taylor was playing the role of a peacemaker, attempting to escort one man out of the club who had gotten into a confrontation with another man inside the club. The man who pulled the trigger later committed suicide.

&uot;First and foremost, the families give thanks and all honor to God, for without him in our lives we couldn’t have made it,&uot; stressed Warren. &uot;He provided us with the strength to keep on keeping on. Again, we thank you, Lord.&uot;

Warren said the families are grateful for all the hard work the SBI, Ahoskie Police Department, the District Attorney, the NAACP and all other law enforcement agencies did to bring Overton’s alleged murderers to justice.

&uot;Another person we owe a lot of thanks and consideration to is Richard Brinkley, owner of Brinkley Country Market located on the Ahoskie-Cofield Road,&uot; stated Warren. &uot;We thank him for all his love and support during our time of need.&uot;

In remembering her two nephews, Warren offered these words in closing.

&uot;Tyrelle, you were and will always be our ‘Smiley’,&uot; she said. &uot;Even though we can’t see your smile, hear your voice or be with you in our lives, you will forever be in our hearts and minds.&uot;

She continued, &uot;Ervin you were and will always be our ‘Meat-Meat’. We will always remember the good times we shared and how you both could light up a room when you came around. Even though we can’t hold you, see you or hear you speak, you will forever be in our hearts and minds.&uot;

Warren closed by saying, &uot;Tyrelle and Ervin, we miss you both, but we know you are in Heaven with God. We will love you always.&uot;