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Purple pandemonium in G-Vegas

From henceforth I’m referring to them as the “Elite Eight.” Sitting somewhere in a heavily-tinted sea of purple-and-gold clad fans attending the UNC at ECU ... Read more | Add your comment

Change??? You can keep it!!

Not long ago I read a joke….. It said all the politicians running for president promise, upon being elected to the high office in the ... Read more | Add your comment

Life saving ‘drugs’ arrive just in time

Just one more week and I would been a goner…pushing up daises; sleeping with the gophers; six feet under. Thank goodness for a quick and ... Read more | Add your comment

We don’t do ‘hurry-up’ very well

With 35 years in this business, all spent at North Carolina-based newspapers, I consider myself an authority on Southern living. Over the years, I’ve penned ... Read more | Add your comment

35 years; ‘water’melons; Brunswick stew less

Maybe it only felt like 110 degrees on Aug. 2, 1979. I was as nervous as a you-know-what in church on that steaming hot summer ... Read more | Add your comment