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Sex offender jailed

Published 10:59am Saturday, December 29, 2012

JACKSON – A sex offender who is facing a list of charges in three counties is behind bars after being surrendered to the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office by a bail bondsman.

On Wednesday, Gerald Lamont Warren, 33, of Pendleton was taken into custody.

Gerald L. Warren

NCSO Capt. Brenda Brunette said Warren is facing a list of charges from Northampton, Halifax and Guilford counties.
Amongst those charges is a second degree rape charge that occurred in Northampton and was reported July 25.

Burnette said Warren allegedly raped a female that knew him.

Warren was also served a warrant from Guilford County for failure to appear in court relating to a charge for obtaining property by false pretense.

Warren had yet another warrant for his arrest in Halifax County for failure to appear for felony worthless check and obtaining property by false pretense.

There was also an order for Warren’s arrest in Northampton for failure to report change of address for a sex offender and resisting a public officer.

Warren was placed in the Northampton County Jail on a combined bond of $345,000.

His first appearance was on Thursday and his probable cause hearing is set for January 10, 2013.

  • skippy1975

    I don’t pray for the sex offender. I pray for the victim who was rapped.

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    When I first saw this article I must admit I was in shock..why because I know this Gerald went to school with him and he just wasn’t this type of a guy..Praying that he proves his innocence but with society and his past charges then you never know how things will turn out. Praying for you Gerald!!

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  • jackson5

    Gerald we love you & the prayer warrior are praying for YOU!!!

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    • jackson5

      God is the one to Judge a person, not the judge!!!

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  • jackson5

    God is in control of all things….The truth will be told!!!

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  • headband

    Remarkably, this “man” was convicted of indecent liberties with a child, and got a whopping four months in jail in 2000. Let’s hope he is sentenced by a different judge this time.

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