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One shot in home invasion

Published 10:58am Saturday, December 29, 2012

HEXLENA – A home invasion here earlier this month left one person shot, another behind bars and two more being sought by local law enforcement officers.

Bertie County Sheriff John Holley said his office received a call in the early evening of Dec. 15. The caller said a person had knocked on their door and reported they had been robbed.

Adrian D. Jones

Deputies arrived at the scene and found the victim had been transported to Vidant Roanoke-Chowan Hospital by a private vehicle. He was later transported to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville via helicopter.

An investigation revealed three black males had reportedly entered the residence by kicking in the door and yelling “police.” The three suspects then reportedly attacked the victim, who fled out the back door of his residence.

As the victim was fleeing, he was reportedly shot five times including in the elbow, each leg, the back and a glazing wound to the head. Despite the shooting, the injuries were not life threatening, according to reports.

Holley reported that, upon investigation, deputies arrested Adrian Demont Jones, 27. Jones was taken into custody Dec. 17 at the home of a friend on Mt. Olive Road near Lewiston Woodville.

He was charged with first degree burglary and attempted murder and placed under a $1 million bond.

Later, Jones was charged with additional crimes related to another investigation. He was charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver a schedule II controlled substance, felony possession of a schedule II controlled substance and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling to keep a controlled substance. His bond on those charges was $25,000 secured.

Holley said while Jones is in custody, two others are still being sought in connection with the robbery. He said there are suspects in the case, but the investigation is on-going.

“I want to thank the deputies for their quick and diligent work in this case,” he said. “They are continuing to work several angles to bring the other two persons involved to justice.”

Holley also encouraged those with information about the incident to call the sheriff’s office.

“We are asking anyone who knows something or has heard something to give us a call at 794-5330,” Holley said. “We don’t need your name, just your information.”

  • headband

    I stand corrected in my previous statement. However, I still believe their is more to this story than being told. I strongly believe that this was not a randon attack. Look at the drug charges of one of the men. I’m willing to bet the victim isn’t as innocent as you think.

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  • 4u21der

    @headband, how about you READ the article and then make a comment off what you read and not assumed. It’s people like you that makes a mess out of something that could have been prevented. If someone KICKED in your door and ATTACKED you what would you do? If you are bullet proof, then by all means you stand there because I’m doing exactly what the victim did…RUN…Also, please share what type of activities did you read about that I didn’t see. As a matter of fact, how the heck did you suspect any type of activities going on from the article in the paper….SMH…things that make you go hmmmm!!!

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  • nc2012

    @headband…you may need to reread this article before making your comment…from what I just read the article alleges that the suspects kicked in the door & yelled police. It also stated the suspects attacked the victim who in turn fled out the back door. So, you tell me, what will you do if someone invades your home?

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  • bklies

    “Glazing” wound?

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  • headband

    An investigation revealed three black males approached the victim house and yelled police. The victim then took off running out the back door. Hmmmm… It makes you wonder what type of “activities” the “victim” was into himself.

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