Northampton Relay for Life exceeds goal

Published 2:52 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2017

JACKSON – Laquitta Greene-Cooper, Northampton County’s Clerk of Court and the head organizer for the county’s Relay for Life fundraiser, presented the Board of Commissioners with a certificate recognizing their contribution to Relay for Life this year.

During the commissioners’ regular meeting here Monday, Greene-Cooper addressed the Board to express her gratitude on behalf of Relay for Life and the American Cancer Association for the assistance they received from the county this year. Northampton’s annual Relay for Life event was held this past May.

Greene-Cooper reported that the 2017 event was able to surpass their goal and raise over $54,000 to go towards cancer research and the continuing fight against the deadly disease.

In addition, Greene-Cooper said that they were able to save $1,600 in expenses this year due to assistance from the county.

Commissioner Fannie Greene asked if the event had any problems this year, and the RFL organizer happily answered that they did not have any at all.

She added that the total money raised over the past six years of the county’s Relay for Life was $310,000.

The annual Relay for Life event is a 24-hour fundraiser which honors cancer survivors and caregivers while also remembering loved ones who have already passed on. Northampton County’s Relay is held at the Cultural and Wellness Center in Jackson each year.