Republic deal revealed

Published 10:22 am Sunday, March 29, 2015

ASKEWVILLE – Bertie County’s Board of Commissioners at their monthly evening meeting here March 16 revealed some of the details of the county’s negotiations with Republic Services on a contract for the company’s operation of the county’s trash convenience sites beginning July 1.

After an open session meeting back on March 2 with current sites operator Waste Industries and Republic – the only two firms to submit bids – the board voted during the regular meeting session to begin negotiations with Republic on a contract.

Republic’s offer was for ten years while Waste Industries outlined a five-year deal.

“It was our best deal in a lot of ways because anytime you change firms from one to another, citizens are always concerned with the change and how it will affect people who work there, is the saving substantial, and did we get a good deal,” Commission chairman Ronald D. “Ron” Wesson explained. “I think we got an excellent deal.”

Wesson went on to flesh out to the public some of the factors involved in the selection. They include:

Five equipment adjustments: an additional compactor at one of the two Windsor sites, and another site dictated by the volume of trash…8-yard roll-off containers (with tires) at all sites…closed-container for environmental waste at Lewiston and Windsor sites (no charge)…pallets at each site for batteries (no charge)…and a container for used motor oil at all sites.

A monthly fee of $36,859 for 36 months (w/no inflation adjustment or escalating fuel surcharge) during that period; but beginning on the 4th year of the deal a fixed-rate annual adjustment of 2 percent a year for the seven remaining years.

Same hours of operation as posted at the sites as currently established.

A reasonable attempt to retain the current Waste Industries attendants via an application process which Republic will assist with.

Uniforms, hearing & eye protection, and safety shoes for employees.

Free weekly container service at the Courthouse, DSS, and Senior Center (down from $6,000/year under the current agreement).

Free container service for major community events (Aulander Peanut Festival, Windsor Sage Festival).

$1,000 per day paid in liquidated damages if sites are not operational by the date of the new contract (July 1, 2015), including negotiations for an expanded site at Rosemead and a new one on US-17 South of Windsor.

“This company either equaled or bettered the deal of the other competitor in every area of concern and the savings on top of that was about $250,000,” Wesson said. “It was hard to not take that.”

Commissioner John Trent during discussion said the savings would total $50,000 a year, which is $510,000 over a 10-year period.

“We also got the added value which is a quarter-million (dollars), plus the free dumpsters and free hauling when there is a festival,” said Trent.

Wesson reiterated that Waste Industries did increase their original offer, but that offer still was $250,000 less than the savings would have been under Republic Services offer with all its perks.

Commissioner Tammy Lee said site maintenance, such as filling in the holes that had eroded away soil at some of the sites, would be better maintained under the new agreement.

Republic Services currently operates the county’s East Carolina Environmental Landfill located on Republican Road.

County Manager Scott Sauer said the Commissioners had voted to accept the contract elements as stated and that attorneys for both the county and the firm were working to review the language of the document.