‘In the loop’

Published 9:37 am Monday, September 17, 2012

JACKSON – The Northampton County Board of Education is looking to communicate with the public more effectively.

At their recent board meeting, discussed their decision to ratify purchasing BoardDocs LT version, a computer program that will allow the board members to have paperless agenda packets and information and allow the board to better communicate with the public.

Board member Clinton Williams asked his colleagues if it would be possible to have discussion on how the board can better communicate with parents and the public.

“I think this board is trying to move in the direction of trying to keep the public informed,” he said. “I’m not sure how our report card looks at this point, but we have some people who saying we are not keeping folks in the loop. I would like us to look at this as an agenda item for this board, not tonight, but to discuss that.”

Rhonda Taylor said she thought the board was doing a good job because it had approved BoardDocs.

“That will let us put the information online so the public can review the things that are going on with the board and the school system as a whole,” she said. “That will be coming into effect very soon.”

Schools Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy said BoardDocs will allow the board to project their agenda online.

“Each board member, myself and (Board Clerk Patricia) Harris will have a tablet or a laptop,” he said. “Pretty instantaneously at the conclusion of the meeting Mrs. Harris will make a few clicks and our meeting minutes will be online.”

Bracy noted there is public and private portion to the program.

Board Chairman Kelvin Edwards added all previous board meeting minutes will be archived and will be accessible by the public.

“That’s one of the trends we’re committed to making communication effective here in Northampton County with (BoardDocs) that is forthcoming,” Edwards said.