Go Green

Published 11:07 am Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WINDSOR – Recycling is beneficial to everyone.

That’s the message town officials in Windsor are sending as they try to step up participation in the town’s recycling efforts.

Color-coded containers hold cans, plastic items, paper and glass, making it easy for Windsor residents to recycle. Staff Photo by Thadd White

“I think we really need to push the recycling effort,” Commissioner Cathy Wilson said. “It’s an important thing to do and I’d like to see us ask people to begin to participate at a higher level.”

The town provides for recycling collection at the same time as garbage pickup each week. The cost is part of the trash pickup that citizens and businesses already pay.

The town’s recyclables are broken down into four areas – glass, metal cans, newspaper and junk mail, and plastics.

There are colored bins for each of the four items that should be sorted.

All glass containers are to be placed in the bin, but the town asks that all liquids be discarded and the glass bottles be rinsed out.

Metal cans that are to be sorted include soft drink cans, beer cans, and food and juice cans. The town requests the cans be emptied, rinsed and placed in the container. It is not necessary for consumers to remove paper labels.

Newspaper and junk mail are able to be sorted into the paper bin. That includes all inserts that come in the newspaper. No magazines, phone books, plastic or paper bags are accepted.

In the plastics bin, all PET symbol #1 and HYDE symbol #2 on the bottom of the container can be placed in the bin. Caps and lids are to be removed.

“We are doing a fair job at homes, but it would be nice to see more businesses participating in the program,” Windsor Mayor Jim Hoggard said. “I think what we’re asking is just for people to be more cognizant of our recycling program and to take it more seriously.”

Those wishing to participate can contact the Windsor Town Hall by calling 794-2331 ext. 306 to get the bins. There is a charge of $24.40 for the bins which is a one-time fee.