Sewer repairs unfinished

Published 10:50 am Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MURFREESBORO — Sewer repairs needed for the Howard Hunter Villas project to move forward are still yet to be done.

Last week, Murfreesboro Public Works Director Gene Byrd gave a brief update to the Murfreesboro Town Council about the project.

In March, Byrd reported tests that had not been performed on collection system and problems with a pipe as well as a manhole that is leaking water. Those issues are on the Villa’s property, thus making the Hertford County Quality of Life Association (QUOLA) responsible for correcting them.

The Villa’s collection system problems are preventing the town from accepting the sewer structure onto the town’s system.

Byrd noted in last week’s meeting that the water system for the project was complete and water mains had been installed for 20 lots, but necessary repairs to the sewer system have not been completed.

He added that he hand delivered a letter outlining the issues with the Villa’s infrastructure to QUOLA.

“I haven’t heard a word back,” he said.

The Howard Hunter Villas project will provide housing for low income families.