PAWS eyes 10 grand

Published 1:07 pm Thursday, November 19, 2009

PAWS of Hertford County has the opportunity to win $10,000 with local community support in the America’s Favorite Animal Shelter contest sponsored by and

Voters’ favorite local animal shelter or rescue group will win the grand prize, which will go a long way to help PAWS implement current plans for new and improved housing for puppies, cats, and kittens. The money will also mean more spaying and neutering, vet treatment for shelter animals, and fewer worries about how to pay for food, litter, and other necessary supplies., the largest online community of people passionate about making a difference, is hosting the contest with to bring public awareness about the plight of homeless animals over the holiday season, as well as recognize animal shelters and rescue groups for their outstanding efforts in animal welfare.

In addition to the grand prize, Care2 is awarding $13,500 to the nine runners-up in the contest.

The winner of the contest is determined by its local citizens and supporters, who can vote for their shelter or group by going to, clicking on Animal Shelter Contest, and searching for PAWS in the top 100 shelters. At this site, people can also invite their friends (via email) to vote for that same favorite shelter. You must be 18 to vote.

The contest aims to raise awareness about the importance of supporting pet adoptions and taking action to save homeless animals’ lives. All participating animal shelters and rescue groups, including PAWS, are part of the network.

PAWS has big plans for shelter improvements. Two mobile classrooms have just been transferred from Riverview Elementary to the Hertford County Animal Shelter. One of these large buildings will comfortably house puppies. The other will be the long-awaited new cat and kitten room. Large, separate quarters for the puppies and cats will enable PAWS to meet the special needs of both.

PAWS needs funds to pay for moving the buildings, the conversion of the classrooms to meet state shelter requirements, new puppy cages, a washer and dryer, and other expenses involved in the shelter improvements. Winning this contest would ensure that there are funds for this project with enough left in the PAWS treasury to continue the spay/neuter program and to provide quality food and veterinary care to shelter animals as needed.

“As we enter this holiday season and the economic crisis deepens, we commend groups, like PAWS of Hertford County, which promote the need for pet adoption to save animals’ lives,” said Randy Paynter, CEO and founder of Care2. “We are excited to work with’s network of shelters and rescue groups to support a cause that really matters to our members and so many others – the welfare and adoption of animals.”

“Ten thousand dollars would make a huge impact on the kinds of support we can provide to our animals,” said PAWS Chairman JoAnn Jones. “We encourage all of our local supporters and citizens to visit the web site and vote for us. This community pulled together to win a fire truck for the Powellsville Fire Department. We can do it again for the homeless animals of Hertford County!”