‘Show and Sell’

Published 9:03 pm Friday, June 19, 2009

MURFREESBORO — Hard work pays off.

That is one concept 4-H’ers learn first hand.

On Wednesday, 40 exhibitors ranging in ages 5-18 got to demonstrate their hard work at the Hertford-Northampton 4-H Livestock Show and Sale.

The 4-H’ers, hailing from both Hertford and Northampton counties, showed their farm animals (species include lambs, hogs, goats and steers) competing in market class and showmanship.

According to Northampton County Cooperative Extension Director Rose Massey, each of the exhibitors works with, care for and study their animal for weeks before the show.

Massey said the young people involved with raising and showing the animals earn a valuable education and that helps to build their character through agriculture.

“There are lots of ways the show promotes an excellent educational experience,” she said. “It instills an appreciation of hard work…the show and sale teaches the value of agriculture and enterprise.”

Later in the evening the animals are sold during an auction and 100 percent of the proceeds from each animal going to the respective 4-H exhibitor. A support price is also totaled into the amount earned based on the weight of each animal and pre-calculated price for each species.

During the market class the animals are judged on muscular development, finish, structure, size and carcass quality. A grand and reserved champion is named for each species.

Meanwhile in showmanship, the exhibitor is judged on how well they show their animal. Eye contact with the judge and a thorough knowledge of their animals are just two attributes that the participants are judged on. The exhibitors are placed in divisions based on their age and experience.

This year’s judge was Travis Burke, Extension Director for Pasquotank County. Burke was raised on a farm in Perquimans County consisting of row crops, broilers and cotton. He did his student practicum in Rutherford County as a student teacher of Vocational Agriculture. Burke received his B.S. in Agriculture Education, Master in Agriculture and his Doctorate in Education from North Carolina State University.

The hog market class pitted sister against sister.

In the end, Northampton County 4-H’er Kelly Sykes 265-pound hog was named Grand Champion. The animal sold for $750 to Steven Burgess and Richard Vaughan at the auction.

Kelly Sykes’ sister, Jennifer, took Reserve Champion with her 250-pound hog. The animal sold for $500 to Northampton County Farm Bureau and Gay Implement.

On the support price, a total of $3,200 for the hogs was available as of press time.

Kelly Sykes saw success in the senior class for hog showmanship taking the top prize in the division while Hertford County 4-H’er Thomas Chamblee nabbed second. Jennifer Sykes placed third.

Bethany Martin, a Northampton 4-H’er, captured first place in showmanship for the junior division. Chandler Howell and Mariah Martin, both Northampton 4-H’ers, took second and third in the division respectively.

Emalee Jones, a Northampton 4-H’er, also participated in the junior achiever Showmanship division.

The steer market class was captured by William Steve Mizell, a Hertford 4-H’er senior novice, whose 1,205-pound animal was named Grand Champion. Bertie County Farm Bureau purchased the steer for $1,600 at the auction.

Chamblee placed as the Reserve Champion with his 1,005-pound steer that sold for $1,450 to Hertford County Farm Bureau and Taylor’s Peanuts.

All together the steers brought in $4,840.10 including the support price.

In senior showmanship Chamblee nabbed the top prize and Mizell placed second.

Northampton 4-H’er Bailey Vann won Grand Champion with her 80-pound goat. The animal sold for $500 at the auction to Jesse E. Vaughan Farms, Phil Coggin Insurance and Producer’s Gin.

Sierra Jernigan, a Hertford County 4-H’er, took the Reserve Champion with her 80-pound goat, which sold for $500 at auction to Bertie County Farm Bureau.

In all the goats wrangled in $7,570 including the support price.

The goat senior showmanship was captured by Northampton 4-H’er Dana Vann, a senior novice. Another Northampton 4-H’er, Ashley Ricks, took second.

Arielle Ricks, a Northampton 4-H’er, took the top spot for goat junior showmanship while fellow Northampton 4-H’er, Matt Ellison, earned second. Jernigan place third, and Northampton 4-H’ers Hannah Musick and Bethany Martin were fourth and fifth, respectively.

The goat junior novice division was captured by Vann while Northampton 4-H’ers Gina Revelle placed second and Cheyenne Revelle placed third.

Justin Jones and Dexter Martin participated in the junior achievers division.

The lamb market class was captured by Hertford County 4-H’er John Thomas Taylor whose 145-pound lamb was named Grand Champion. The lamb was purchased for $900 by H & H Farms and Murfreesboro Farms.

Jasmine Harris, a Northampton County 4-H’er, took the Reserve Champion prize with her 105-pound lamb. Harris’s lamb sold for $500 in auction to Murfreesboro Farms.

In all, lamb market class sales netted $7,466 including support price.

The senior division showmanship was also captured by Harris while Northampton County 4-H’er Lindsey Bryant took second place.

Junior novice Northampton 4-H’er Bridgette Vandiford took the top spot for the junior division. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Vann (Northampton) captured second, Shannon Harris (Northampton) took third, John Thomas Taylor placed fourth, Ayden Larabee (Hertford) won fifth, Gregory Harris (Northampton) came in sixth and Gabrielle Harris (Northampton) rounded out the group in seventh.

Brittany Vandiford, Omoni Harris, Brooke Vann, Blade Larabee, Josiah Harris and Savannah Martin participated in the junior achievers division.

Ashley Ricks was the recipient of the Bill Bridgers Scholarship. She will be attending Campbell University in the fall.