Register to vote and be heard

Published 3:59 pm Monday, September 29, 2008

Election time is drawing near.

Those wishing to have a say during that election must take steps now to make sure they register to vote or change their vital information with their local board of elections. The last day to register is October 10.

This year is going to be a critical one for the state and the nation. There are many challenges ahead for whoever becomes the next President of the United States and the next Governor of North Carolina.

Whether your preference is Republican nominee John McCain or Democratic hopeful Barack Obama, it is important that the voters turn out on November 4 to make sure their voices are heard. In the 2000 presidential race, we learned that ever vote and every voter counts.

Right now, the United States is waging an unpopular and costly war.

Wall Street is melting down and the economy is in the toilet.

People are desperate for jobs and health insurance and stability of any kind.

We need an outlet to be heard, and voting is one of the best.

In North Carolina there are many races of importance. We will choose a new governor between Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue and Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory. There will also be a new Lt. Governor as voters must decide if they prefer six-term Democratic State Senator Walter H. Dalton or his Republican counterpart in the senate, Robert Pittenger.

North Carolina faces similar obstacles including ways to continue to fund improvements in education. We need jobs and industry in our area of the state and we need leaders that will listen.

On November 4, you have the opportunity to choose those leaders.

Register. Vote. Be heard.