Fingerprint nabs BE suspect

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 23, 2007

AHOSKIE – A fingerprint discovered at a crime scene has pointed a finger of blame at an Ahoskie man.

Theodore Roosevelt Spivey, 35 of 108 Bertie Park Lane, was arrested March 15 and charged with breaking & entering and larceny in connection with a case from earlier this month. Both charges are felonies.

On March 5, officers with the Ahoskie Police Department were summoned to the Ahoskie Chamber of Commerce in reference to a break-in. Upon arrival, the officers spoke with Phyllis Frymier, the Chamber’s Executive Director, who reported the incident.

After entering the Chamber office on the morning of March 5, Frymier discovered an undisclosed amount of money was stolen from the business.

The ensuing investigation by Ahoskie Police led the officers to believe that the suspect left the office out of the back, north side door, leaving it unlocked.

The crime was not reported until March 5 due to the office being closed on Friday, March 2 as well as the weekend.

APD Lt. Garrett fingerprinted items at the crime scene. A partial print was collected from an item.

On March 15, APD Detective Sgt. Roberts and Lt. Garrett drove to the Wilson Police Department to seek assistance from Forensic Analysts Rodney Dancy and Michael R. Summer. After looking over the print lifted from the scene and checking for comparison from the suspect given, both analysts were able to verify the individualization.

Roberts and Garrett drove back to Ahoskie where Roberts obtained warrants for Spivey’s arrest.

That same evening, Spivey was seen on Main Street, near Rhue Street. He was placed under arrest for the warrants on hand.