Soney praises HC Board

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 5, 2007

WINTON – Cooperation breeds success.

That was the message of Roanoke-Chowan Community College President Dr. Ralph Soney here Monday morning.

The community college’s top officer told the Hertford County Commissioners that the help of that board had been instrumental in the successes of the college in the past year.

Dr. Soney told the board that before Christmas he attended a party with the RCCC Early Childhood Education students. At the gathering, a female student indicated to him that she had been scared to attend night classes at the local community college in the past, but felt more comfortable now.

“Thank you for the addition of a fulltime security officer,” he said. “Thanks to your contribution, we now have security from the beginning of classes until the last class each day.”

Dr. Soney also updated the board on the addition of new programs at RCCC including Building Construction Technology and a plumbing program.

The school leader also said Roanoke-Chowan Community College was partnering with Hertford County Public Schools more than ever and the two entities were jointly sponsoring several programs.

Dr. Soney also said he was proud of unprecedented grant dollars which were coming to the school. He said the total for the year was $350,000 and that included a $92,000 grant for a paramedic training program.

Commission Chairman Curtis A. Freeman said the board appreciated the work of the community college and asked if Early College High School was “back on the table.”

Dr. Soney said he had received a visit from the governor’s office and said the representative discussed a joint discussion between RCCC, HCPS and the commissioners concerning Early College High School.

“They feel like we need to have everyone involved from the beginning,” Dr. Soney reported.

Freeman said the first time the discussion about the program was launched, the commissioners were brought in after the fact and the board as a whole was not happy about that fact.

“I think the board supported the program, but we want to be involved from the beginning,” he said.

Commissioner John E. Pierce asked if the community college had made progress on a Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) class.

Dr. Soney said progress was indeed being made towards adding the program and believed it would be implemented by next spring.

Commissioner Johnnie R. Farmer added his appreciation for the work being done by the community college and stated his regret about seeing Dr. Claude Odom resign from the RCCC Board of Trustees.