Lessons worth learning

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 7, 2005

On July 4th, I watched a movie on the History Channel about Washington’s troops crossing the Delaware.

I knew it was a bleak time in our history. A time when we could have lost our fight for independence. I did not know a great portion of Washington’s army had deserted and about 2500 had died from typhus, dysentery and pneumonia.

Many of their cannons and hand weapons were gone. There was inadequate shelter, clothing was ragged and shoes were scarce. Hunger and disease made the problems worse. Washington appealed time and again for help from Congress, but they were unable to get the states to respond to their appeal.

You would have thought the people would be willing to support their soldiers in the field. At the least you would have thought they would provide food and clothes. Although it was only a year or so into the war, they had lost faith in the war. They were tired of living frugally because of British restrictions and many were willing to go back under British rule. Their own freedom was at stake and yet they could not be stirred to help their own in the field.

It is a miracle that we won the Revolutionary War. We fought against the most powerful country in the world. There was little support and supplies for those fighting and yet, against all the odds, we won.

During World War II, there was a time when it looked as though we would lose that war. And yet we did win.

You must look to the character and courage of those men who led and those men who fought in all our wars. When you read about them you are amazed at the things they did and wonder fills you that they could face such odds and win.

We are proud of our country and the ones who fought, past and present, to allow us to live in freedom. But I think there was a greater force that directed these men.

God has been with this country through many times when things could have turned out differently. When 911 happened, many people expressed that belief and prayed. Congress sang God Bless America outside on the steps. They were little concerned on that day that they would offend anyone. Their hope was in God.

This country has changed quite a lot since that day. It pains me greatly to see so many who would really love to eliminate God’s name entirely from our country if the truth were known about their agenda. Many who I have called friend are on a trip that they have not seen where the end of the journey leads. They have been blinded by people who cloak their intent in great sounding speeches and who make them believe they are on a great quest to give liberty to all men.

It pays to not just listen and get emotional when speeches are delivered, but to also think them through and analyze them. I have heard many speeches that drew on my emotions and made me feel good. And yet when I thought it through later, I realized they had not really said anything whatsoever.

I guess all I am trying to say is two things. We are a blessed people to live in America and to have men and women who are willing to give their lives for us to continue to live in freedom and second be sure of the people you follow and what their agenda really is.