Laugh Cleveland, this is going to be funny

There’s a columnist in Cleveland, Ohio’s hometown newspaper, the Plain-Dealer, who says the only thing that town needs more than a championship – any championship! ... Read more | Add your comment

Freedom and liberty need to remain

Tread lightly when speaking on religion. Sane men avoid such places because there are only blindingly light and dark passages - too bright or too ... Read more | Add your comment

Don’t get dog-bitten by a U.S. traitor

I have no idea why the citizens of the other states here in our country who have cast ballots to date in our process to ... Read more | Add your comment

Bring your (fill-in-the-blank) to work

Chicago White Sox slugger (well, as much of a slugger as a .207 batting average last season can make you!) Adam LaRoche abruptly retired Tuesday. Read more | Add your comment

Conservatism sorely lacks credence

I gather from a recently published Letter to the Editor that my view of the national political scene really aggravates some folks. Such is life. ... Read more | Add your comment