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Do we really need a freeway?

To the Editor: On June 9 of this year, the North Carolina Department of Transportation did a very good job of presenting the four alternative ... Read more | Add your comment

Story quotes espoused hatred

To the Editor: The quotes from local ministers regarding the potential for recognition of marriage equality in North Carolina (Saturday, Aug. 2, Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald) were ... Read more | Add your comment

Buffalo, ducks and fish

To the Editor: Two hundred plus years ago we thought our buffalo herds were never ending; then they were hunted to near extinction to be ... Read more | Add your comment

Conway-Severn Rescue Squad under new management

To the Editor: The Conway-Severn Rescue Squad, Inc is under new management. There are serious alleged allegations against the former Captain Christopher Buffaloe and HE ... Read more | Add your comment

Other options exist

To the Editor: I am writing this in response to the letter printed in the News Herald just recently. I share some of the same ... Read more | Add your comment