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Residential Shuffle

Someone once said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. We would say that depends on where you live, especially in Ahoskie, ... Read more | Add your comment

‘Tis the season…for scammers

This newspaper receives sporactic reports from citizens living across the Roanoke-Chowan area concerning possible scams. Most of those bogus phone calls deal with “Green Dot” ... Read more | Add your comment

Small price pays for big rewards

In 2007, legislation passed by the N.C. General Assembly gave to counties a local-option, quarter-cent sales tax. The sales tax (G.S. 105-535) must be approved ... Read more | Add your comment

War on drugs fought by more than one side

Getting drugs off the streets is not the responsibility of a single individual, nor is it the sole responsibility of local law enforcement officers. Certainly, ... Read more | Add your comment

Keeping our website free

Our popular and fast-growing website, www.r-cnews.com, will launch an important partnership with Google next week. The partnership, if successful, will allow us to keep access ... Read more | Add your comment