We’ll need this for the autopsy

Sooner or later – sooner for us old folks – a surgeon’s scalpel is destined to enter our bodies. Personally speaking, I’ve been able to ... Read more | Add your comment

Johnny Hora – the “people’s commissioner”

Johnny Hora could, at times, come across like a bull in a china shop. When Johnny set his mind and spirit to a project, he ... Read more | Add your comment

Chowan Hawks: Don’t hang your heads

Typically, a 78-point offensive explosion on the gridiron would result in national media attention. Fortunately, at least for Chowan University, they were not the only ... Read more | Add your comment

What does a gentle breeze smell like?

Is it just me, or has everyone noticed the downsizing of food products? Remember the big bags of cookies? Now they package them in these ... Read more | Add your comment

Labor Day lesson….roll with the tide

As I sit at my office desk for yet another Labor Day, perhaps I shouldn’t complain of having to work on a holiday. Even though ... Read more | Add your comment