Okay, bring on next year

What a difference a year makes. Last February Russell Wilson threw the most ill-advised forward pass probably since Walter Camp hurled the first-ever one downfield ... Read more | Add your comment

Trump, Sanders tackle polarization

All right. The true 2016 election cycle is underway. My boy, Donald J. Trump, soundly trounced the Republican field to take the New Hampshire primary. Read more | Add your comment

Playing the ‘back nine’ of life

For those, like me, over the age of 60, we feel fortunate just to see the sun rise on another day. Read more | Add your comment

Cam Newton: Rumble, young man, rumble!

A few weeks ago after the NCAA football national championship game I wrote about Dabo Swinney’s dance antics this past year; some he might still ... Read more | Add your comment

Dastardly political plot uncovered

Well, darn, my boy Donald lost the Iowa caucus. And here I thought he was a shoe-in to sweep all 50 states. Read more | Add your comment