Cal Bryant

Are you ready to Relay?

It seems almost like yesterday. There we stood, among hundreds of people, awaiting the start of the 1994 Bertie County Relay for Life. The football ... Read more | Add your comment

Life’s mentor leaves lifetime of memories

I never played a snap for Jim Garrison, but yet he was still my coach. I was never a member of his golf team, but ... Read more | Add your comment

Dinner’s on Dean; how ‘bout a Case TV?

It was a couple of weeks ago when the news broke concerning the generosity of the now late Dean Smith. The legendary UNC basketball coach, ... Read more | Add your comment

What would Thomas Jefferson do?

How can a man who lived that long ago have foresight and accuracy in his thinking that would apply today. But first, here’s a bit ... Read more | Add your comment

RC area blessed with musical talent

The clock struck 8 on Saturday night when a tired Editor push the “Export as PDF” for the final time on his computer, completing the ... Read more | Add your comment