Cal Bryant

Anyone up for a road trip?

Have we missed something? According to the News-Herald archives, at the Sept. 9, 2014 meeting of the Ahoskie Town Council, a motion calling for the ... Read more | Add your comment

A.A.A.D.D. – know the symptoms!

There are hundreds of medical disorders known to man. Most all are treatable, if diagnosed early. We’ve all heard of Attention Deficit Disorder, one that ... Read more | Add your comment

Actions of a few tarnish the rest

It reminded me of a front page from the roaring 20’s…where reports of police corruption ran rampart back in the days when Mafia families ruled. ... Read more | Add your comment

Tax break? More like Tax broke

The danger signs were abundant heading into Tax Day 2015. Facebook lit-up like a Christmas tree in the days leading up to April 15. My ... Read more | Add your comment

Are you ready to Relay?

It seems almost like yesterday. There we stood, among hundreds of people, awaiting the start of the 1994 Bertie County Relay for Life. The football ... Read more | Add your comment