County Manager interviews slated

Published 4:46pm Sunday, June 8, 2014

GATESVILLE – For the 11th time in less than 10 years, the Gates County Board of Commissioners are in search of a county manager.

The newest search is scheduled to formally get underway this week with interviews of potential candidates. According to information shared with Roanoke-Chowan Publications, the Commissioners have scheduled seven interviews stretched over two days (June 9 and June 11).

This latest search comes after the surprise resignation of Jon Mendenhall in early February. He served as CountyManager for 13 months before deciding to leave for the Town Administrator’s job in Carolina Shores.

The Commissioners took a familiar road in finding an interim County Manager, hiring Kenneth W. (Ken) Windley Jr. effective March 10. He had served a previous stint as interim manager in the county.

Since 2005, there have been nine individuals (full time or interim) in the County Manager’s seat.

According to Roanoke-Chowan Publications records, GC Manager Mark Biberdorf left the county at the end of the 2005 after accepting a position as town manager in Fletcher, NC. That bought in Tim Russell in early 2006. He remained with Gates County on a part-time basis until resigning on Aug. 14, 2007.

The county’s Finance Officer at that time, Melinda Hoggard, served as Interim County Manager upon Russell’s departure. She was named as the full-time Manager in January of 2008, but left in April of that year after her husband’s job was relocated to Wilmington.

Paul Gregory came onboard in late April, but remained as Manager for only four weeks, forced to resign due to health reasons.

Justin Hembee and John Ed Whitehurst tag-teamed to serve as Interim Managers until GatesCounty hired Toby Chappell in October of 2008. He remained as full-time Manager until Nov. 9, 2012, leaving to take the management position in Greenwood County, SC.

Windley served as Interim Manager from late October of 2012 until Mendenhall came onboard in January of 2013.

  • hcnative

    When will they figure it out??? Hire someone local that has deep roots in Gates County that isn’t going anywhere.

    Suggest Removal

    • pumpkinpie

      They will never learn that lesson! 11 managers in 10 years??? This is crazy and insane. Mr. McDuffy lived in the county, built a home here, was active in the community, wife worked in the county school system and his kids went to GC schools. That is the type of person we need back in that office. Ties that bind them to the community they serve so their decisions will be based on the best interest of the county and the citizens. These fair weather managers they have picked just want another county position on their resume (notch on their belt) or to help out their buddies by granting them jobs for top dollar with minimal results. The recent choices have not been productive for Gates County at all! BOC needs to wake up and hire someone that will be here for the long run and make a difference! Sadly given their history, we know the rest of the story.

      Suggest Removal

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