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Published 9:59am Monday, April 28, 2014

To the Editor:

In another attempt to discredit my 13-year tenure as the elected District Attorney for 3 of the 4 counties affected by this district consolidation, my opponent has resorted to misleading the voters by selectively attacking my job record.

Rather than nitpick over my opponent’s record, I have spent this campaign running on my own achievements and fighting to make sure the voters have the entire picture, which they rightfully deserve.

Here are the facts about my record as your District Attorney:

* 21 years of experience as a career prosecutor

* 13 years managing a multi-county district

* 2013 recipient of the Women of Justice Award in the Public Official Category for leadership, service and integrity in improving the quality of justice and exemplifying the highest ideals of the legal profession (See

* Tried hundreds of cases in Superior Court over the past 21 years

* Recognized statewide for my work against domestic violence

* Board Member of the Roanoke Chowan Domestic Violence Task Force since 2000

* Sponsor of the 6B Family of Murdered Victims and Traumatic Death Support Group

* 100% conviction rate on homicides

* Instructor for the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys

* Instructor at the North Carolina Institute of Government

* Active in the schools, civic organizations, and faith-based communities

* Endorsed by the Hertford County Peace Officers Association

* Endorsed by Jeff Frazier, former Sheriff of Halifax County

* Endorsed by John Tyler, former Clerk of Superior Court of Bertie County

I am proud and honored to be doing the work I do as your District Attorney for Bertie, Hertford and Northampton counties. No misleading accusations will affect that.

Valerie Asbell

District Attorney

Prosecutorial District 6B

  • had-enough

    Hey Ms. Asbell one thing you do not mention in your huge pat on your own back is any convictions on child sex abusers????

    Are you still letting them go???

    Having Mr. Bryant back you with his think that helps you..well I beg to differ.

    The response from the readers is just the opposite of what you want. Good luck you are going to need it!

    Suggest Removal

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