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School vouchers won’t improve education

Published 8:11am Wednesday, May 1, 2013

By Stephanie Carroll Carson

NC News Service

RALEIGH – North Carolina lawmakers are considering several bills that would shift education money away from public schools and into the hands of private entities and individuals. A report released by the North Carolina Justice Center raises concerns about the use of vouchers and highlights several studies that show that student performance does not improve within a voucher system.

NCJC policy analyst Matt Ellinwood, the author of the report, warned that this trend is not a good one.

“This movement towards things like vouchers is sort of coming at a bad time where budgets are getting tighter because of the recession,” he said. “So we’re getting less and less money going to the public schools and then these programs like vouchers just take little bits more away.”

During this legislative session, North Carolina lawmakers are considering legislation that would offer a tax credit for home-schooled pupils and private-school scholarships for families who fall below 300 percent of the federal poverty line.

According to Ellinwood, school vouchers favor the private sector, with companies trying to profit from the public’s need to educate their children. He also pointed out that 90 percent of children attend public schools.

“I sort of look at it like it’s all a big distraction from the issue at hand and the fact that we really need to look seriously at the public schools and invest in them in order to get the most bang for our buck,” he declared.

North Carolina lawmakers are not considering traditional school vouchers, which offer tuition certificates that can be used at private schools, primarily because of successful legal challenges to such programs. Instead, their proposed voucher system would come in the form of tax credits or education savings accounts.

Bills regarding school vouchers are HB 144, 269 and 944.

A link to the NCJC report is at

  • Truthseeker

    This is the second article (opinion) piece against school vouchers. When is this paper going to balance its coverage of this subject by either having someone from the other side of the debate share statistics or have a reporter investigate this subject? Political correctness prevents public schools from addressing the real problem in the education system (dysfunctional home life) so they continue to focus on promoting a anti-christian and ant-social views that have incensed parents across our state. The Governor and people like him believe that someone should not have to be denied placing their children in a high performing educational system just because they are low income. Parents should decide where there tax dollars go to educate their kids.

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