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Unpaid taxes exceed $1.5 million

Published 10:36am Tuesday, February 5, 2013

WINTON – Taxes – government entities have no trouble assessing them on an annual basis. The tricky part is the collection process.

As of Monday morning, Hertford County local government has $1,526,536.78 in unpaid property taxes on its past due ledger for the 2012 tax year. That amount is $156,691 more than the same period last year.

Now it becomes the task of the Hertford County Tax Office to collect what’s due.

On Monday, the Hertford County Board of Commissioners gave their approval to Gay Sumner, the county’s Tax Collector, to begin the procedure to advertise these tax liens.

Sumner told the commissioners that the delinquent tax notices were mailed out on Friday (Feb. 1).

“We’re two weeks ahead of schedule from previous years on mailing out those notices,” Sumner said. “We’re giving those who are past due until 5 p.m. on March 4 to pay their 2012 taxes or they will see their name in the newspaper as well as their amount due, which includes a late payment fee.”

The advertisement of the past due accounts is scheduled for insertion in early April, Sumner said.

Jan. 7 marked the last day that 2012 property taxes could be paid without penalty. After that date, the county tacks on a 2 percent late payment penalty. An additional ¾’s of 1 percent interest is accrued each month thereafter until such time the taxes are paid in full.

Those needing to pay their 2012 taxes can use several different methods to do so – at the Tax Office, at an after-hours payment drop box located outside the County Office Building parking lot entrance, or by phone at 1-888-520-8728.

Sumner added that the Tax Office had already launched the annual effort to collect unpaid taxes through the garnishment method. Garnishments can come through federal/state income tax refunds.

“We’re also working on the foreclosure process for those in arrears on their county taxes,” Sumner noted.

Hertford County contracts with Irvine Law Firm, PLLC to process tax foreclosures.

  • reader

    Many places charge a tax for those living in town in addition to the county tax. This is because the taxes are used differently. In regards to the use of town vehicles for many employees that are higher ranked a vehicle to drive, for personal and business use is in their contract as one of the perks to holding that position.

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  • Billyboy1

    Thomas Jefferson, I too agree with you. It is ashame to have to pay 2 taxes just because we live in town. No one at the county level or town level is trying to conserve, save and/or spend money effeciently. It appears that any one can purchase and do as they wish as long as them are spending someone else’s money. (our tax dollars) They purchaase what they want and drive our county and city vehicles to lunch, to take care of their personal business and even back and forth home during the day. Who is responsible for monitoring and stopping these illegical practices. Yes, this is a poor and deprived county and town. It appeaars to me that people in authority would use the funds more wisely and try to conserve than to add additional taxes to people who are struggling to hold on to what they have struggled to possess. County Commissioners and Town Council members ===wake up!

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  • 1tomcat

    Living and paying taxes in Hertford County I can see no excuse for 1.5 million dollars being deliquent in taxes. Every property owner knows when the taxes are due and pay them on time like most living in this county does and on time. If you cannot pay taxes on time then to me you do not need to own property ZERO TOLLERANCE. I look at shabby built buildings and homes in towns and county and for the world what are the building inspectors doing????????? I see so many homes in Ahoskie that are beyond repair and people been building on homes and not complete how long is a building permit for? Bring homes up to code and pay your taxes on time and quit making an excuse for not paying on time. Selll all property if taxes not paid someone will buy the property and make the necessary repairs. Sick of looking at the BLIGHT and seeing so much on the tax roles outstanding.

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    • ThomasJefferson


      This is HC! Its a population of poor people and the entitlements are going to get cut. HC does not want the properties because they have to deal with it. Fortunately there has been an increase in well paying jobs so maybe these tax slackers can sell to a sucker! I myself have considered not paying my taxes because I am taxed by the county and the city of Ahoskie and this is criminal!

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