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Former APD officer faces child sex charges

Published 4:01pm Thursday, January 31, 2013

AHOSKIE – A local law enforcement officer has found himself on the wrong side of prison bars.

Wednesday night, Ahoskie Police Lt. Andres Jorge Snape Jr. was arrested by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations and charged with 21 felonies involving alleged sexual relations with a minor.

Snape, who had been with the Ahoskie Police since 2004, was immediately terminated from employment.

According to information provided by Ahoskie Police Chief Troy Fitzhugh, Snape stands charged with seven counts each of statutory rape, indecent liberties with a child, and statutory sexual offense.

Fitzhugh said SBI agents transported Snape to the Hertford County Jail in Winton where he was held under a $1 million secured bond. It is not known at this point if Snape has made bail. The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald is attempting to find out if Snape was jailed in Hertford County or transported elsewhere after being processed in Winton.

“All I can tell you at this point is that the SBI is handling this case upon my request,” Fitzhugh said.

He added that upon receiving information of an alleged complaint on Jan. 22, Fitzhugh said he contacted the SBI.

“I made a request to Cheryl McNeil, Special Agent In-Charge, and the next day I met with Agent Lolita Chapman. The (criminal complaint) information was transferred to Agent Lolita Chapman.

“We are sworn to uphold the laws in the State of North Carolina. When given information that an officer was involved, I responded immediately,” Fitzhugh added.

At that point, Fitzhugh said Snape was immediately placed on administrative leave with pay. He added that in less than two weeks, Agent Chapman and Agent Colleen Walters finished their investigation.

“I would like to thank the N.C. SBI for assistance with this investigation and handling the investigation with professionalism and integrity,” Fitzhugh said.

Snape’s first court appearance is scheduled for Friday.

  • ThomasJefferson

    I called the Ahoskie police to investigate someone taking mail from the local mail boxes. I’m not real confident these two officers were capable of filing the report…

    You don’t go into law enforcement top make money unless your family tree is there to support you.

    Anyone want bets on how long he makes it in prison.

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  • Hears-two-ewe

    If they don’t hear about it on the police scanner they don’t learn of it. Actual reporting at the RCN-H is pretty much avoided.

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  • 27910

    The News Herald is Reporting on the alleged criminal acts committed by Lt.Snape as a police officer(21 Felonies), what about the Town of Ahoskie public works employee, who was arrested the same day on 24 Felony counts of Embezzlement of funds by pulic officer and trustees. This former Town public work employee, Ricky Raynor, and about five more current employees, would use the town refuse truck and travel around Ahoskie and charge the citizens of Ahoskie fees to pick up treelimbs and other debris that the were supposed to be picked up anyway. When the unwitting citizen gave the monies to these rouge Town workers, they simply put the money in there pockets for there own personal gain. These Town workers had started to use this town truck as far out as near cofield, N.C. working with and using Town trucks, equipment, man power and town payed fuel to work with private tree cutting services and made hundreds of dollars collecting that debree at Town disposal expenses.The employees Used Town lawn mowers and town gas to cut private citizen personal lawns and thenwere payed by these property owners and put the profits in their pockets. This corruption, in the Town public works department has been going on for years and it is now high time for a thorough investigation by the S.B.I. to be conducted and that department cleaned out from the TOP to the BOTTOM. A good start towards that end was the arrest of Mr. Raynor. Taxes and water bills are just too high for this nonsense to continue.

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  • Skydrive6510

    Sneaky Dickens…smh

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  • skippy1975

    One of the best things I love about the Roanoke-Chowan Herald online site is that you can give your opinions or comments up here. And this is one article I would like to make a comment and opinion. If an officer is sworn in to protect and serve his or her community this one criminal activity he or she needs to prevent from happening instead of committing this criminal activity. My opinion on where this person needs do time at doesn’t matter as long he or she is locked up and not having a chance for bail or bond. If they are able to get back into society, the convicted person could end up committing this criminal act again.

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