Drugs, a handgun and cash are shown as evidence following the arrest of a Northampton County man. Photo contributed by the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office

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Drug, weapon charges filed

Published 9:24am Monday, January 28, 2013

JACKSON – A Garysburg man was taken into custody after drugs and a weapon were found in the residence where he was living.

Daryl James Bradley, 27, of Lebanon Church Road was arrested on Jan. 18 at 3:30 p.m. following officers serving a search warrant.

Daryl James Bradley

According to Northampton County Sheriff’s Capt. Brenda Burnette, the law enforcement agency had received complaints about a residence on that road and upon surveillance and an investigation, the lead officer on the case, Detective Sgt. Courtney Williams, obtained a search warrant for the home.

During the search officers discovered 456 grams of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a .380 caliber handgun and $10,999 in cash.

Burnette said there were other people at the residence, but Bradley took ownership of the items.

He was charged with possession with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm by a felon and maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance.

He was placed in the Northampton County Jail on a $22,000 secured bond.

Burnette said no probable cause date has been set and Bradley is free on bond.

Burnette said she was thankful for the warrant being carried out safely considering there was a firearm present in the home. She noted the recent shooting in Halifax County where narcotic agents and deputies were serving a warrant and a suspect was killed.

“My concern was the safety of the officers and I’m glad everyone came out safe,” she said. “The officers did a great job following up on leads.”

Other officers involved in the search of the residence were Detective Sgt. Lynette Clements, Detective Sgt. Wardie Vincent Jr., Lt. Wallace Ransom, Sgt. Mitchell Deloatch, Deputy Dwayne Carter and Deputy Curtis Boone.

Burnette also thanked the citizens for their help on the case.

“We want to let the citizens that we’re out there to help them,” she said.

  • skippy1975

    Forget trial, that takes too long. They should be sentence right then there when they’re arrested on the spot. No free time,bond,or bail.

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  • lemonshirt

    Nice picture. Let’s see. A gun, some money, some OTC cold medicine…. YIKE! I must be a criminal!!!

    Taking a picture of my car doesnt make me guilty of speeding.

    Enough with the photo-sensationalism. It only serves to propogate the myth that drug dealers are rolling in the dough. Very few are.

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    • skippy1975

      Don’t forget the moonshiners Lemonshirt. They make a lot of money in running shine that’s if they don’t get caught.

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  • skippy1975

    There should be NO BOND or BAIL for this individual when it deals with criminal activity. The justice system needs to get strict on people like this.

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    • lemonshirt

      Why not skip the trial too? Criminals shouldnt have any constitutional rights.
      ….should they?

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  • headband

    It will be about three years before this dope dealer goes to trial. Meanwhile, he will keep selling drugs in other counties. The bail amount was only pocket change for him.

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